Oh mah god guys! I went and saw Justin Bieber's Believe tonight. Oh mah gad you guys I thought that I had just lost the ticket but I just found it. I was next to me on the bed. How it got there I have no idea. Anyway, sidetrack, moving on. So I went and saw the movie tonight. It just hit me that I was at concert number four out of 162 shows during the Believe Tour. Amazing. The movie was just as amazing, if not better. It was just truly unbelievable and the atmosphere. I mean the atmosphere was just wow, just like at a concert! Yeah people were screaming but it wasn't like at This Is Us. People didn't flip out. The screamed but it was uncontrolled fangirling. IDK but people were respectable. Aww, at the end people went of on the little stage at the front and started dancing and just having an awesome time. I was on the balcony but of not I totally would have joined all the other Beliebers and dance like it was the last night of my life! Hell yeah! Like if you haven't seen the movie you just have to! You won't regret it. I just love how everyone stood up when he sang "Believe" and waved their phones and hands in the air.

This morning I was an extra in a new Swedish tv-show called Äntligen helg that premieres. It was weird and funny shoot. I will watch it when it premieres just to see what kind of show it is and just to see how the scenes that we shot turned out. I think that it is some kind of sketch show. Kind of like Partaj but different. I am not sure. It's just the wibes that I have vote from the show. IDK, keeps your eyes open for Äntlig helg coming next year.

You now what?! I deserve some type of hero of the year awards! Why? Well, when I was going home after the movie I found a visa card. I just picked it up to see if it was still valid, which it was. Then I was like, what am I going to do with this card. I decide to take it with me and cut it in two when I came home because I mean what if it gets in the wrong hands? The person who it belongs to might become a victim of fraud. Then I decided to google the name on the card and there are like 11 people in Sweden with that name but there was one woman who lived in Stockholm and I had a feeling the it was most likely her that someone in Nyköping. So I texted this woman and like immediately after she called me, so I met up with her and gave her her visa back. Like hello! What an honest person I am. I mean, first I wasn't going to text or call, just going to cut it in two but then I decided to give it a try. If I wouldn't have got an answer but the time I had come home I would have cut it in two.

your writer, Erika


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