Sunday Night

Yo guys! Hi. How are you? Oh my God like I just saw this picture of Liam Payne and Sophia Smith and just wow! Freaking gorgeous couple! Like wow, just wow! It seems like people, well in SWD, are really warming up to her. I don't know, but people always say that she look so mad because she seems to have a constant frown. Like IDK that she should be more happy because she is dating Liam freaking Payne. IDK in this because she smiled. Maybe it's that. IDK, but they were gorgeous anyway.

So I was searching for cute boy gifs in tumblr, like why did I do that? Do I hate myself?! Like OH MY GOD tumblr boys! Like tumblr boys. Like, IDK too much too handle. Just, my gad! Hahaha, the first cute boy gifs that I saw was gifs of Harry Styles. Hahaha. He is cute though but it was just funny. Hahaha.

Like you know those photo challenges on instagram? Yeah, anyway I am doing a December photo challenge. I have never done a photo challenge before. If you want to see my picture just follow me at eriikaworld.

your writer, Erika


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