Time Is Money

Hola mi amigos! What's up? Hahaha. I am fine. It's Christmas in two days. Yeah! are you all ready for Christmas? Are you done with your Christmas shopping? Sadly I am not. I have one gift left. Plus my mom is making me get up early tomorrow to do all of the Christmas food shopping. Why early? Seriously I don't mmd standing in line for a while. I am a fangirl, so I am used to waiting (#sadly). Hahahaha. Plus  have been on the set of a few TV shows and movies by now and you will never understand the true definition of waiting until you have been on the set of a movie/ TV. You don't know how true that is. Once I was on a set of this TV series and my call time was 4 PM. It was really important that all of the extra was there no later than 4 PM because otherwise we might not get to be an extra. So I stressed to get there. Like right before I left the house the sipper on my shoe broke so I had to change shoes. I stressed so freaking much so that I wouldn't be miss the train. Guess what happened when I got there? All of the extras got to wait three freaking hours and then we shot this scene that took about, not more than 15 minutes! OMG I got so freaking annoyed like you have no idea. The sad thing is that you can be a bitch about that because you're only an extra and they can replace you just like that. I mean if I was an actress in a movie and I had to wait three hours to shoot a scene, believe me I would complain. 'Cause if I have been asked to be on set a certain time and the make me wait three hours, like just please tell me in advance so that I know and might get other things done. Well, hmmm now that I think about it those three hours of dead time is not such a waste of time. I mean it's a great time to practice your lines. Hahahaha, the truth is that I probably wouldn't bitch about it since I am too much of a good person to do so. I would say something nasty about it in my own silence and complain about it to my friends.

I finally took something of my list of "things that I procrastinate way too long". I finally put up all (well most of the any way, because not all of the have that thingy on the back that allows you to hang them up on the wall) of my pictures on the wall. Yeah! The big framed Anton Ewald poster is in the middle but it will have to move over when I get my Take Me Home poster framed. Because 1D over anything. well, One Direction and Justin Bieber over anything. Hard to choose between those two. It's pretty much impossible.

your writer, Erika


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