Hunting You Down

Hello! Hi. Yeah, I am here, tonight, again. Yup and you just keep on coming back. I got you wrapped around my little finger. Hahaha. IDK but thank you for reading my blog for whatever reason. Hopefully you read my blog because you actually like it and not just to check up on me to see if I am up to any funny business.

I finally bought new winter shoes today! Yeah! I love them, I thin that they are totally gorgeous but my friends in SWD don't like them. I mean because last night I posted a picture of the boots and asked everyone if they thought that they were nice but everyone who commented on the picture said no. I kind of wanted to scream "FU no one cares about your opinion!" and "Who asked about your opinion!" but I couldn't do that since I actually asked them. Well yeah I could but it wouldn't have made sense. Hahaha. Anway I am in love with my shoes and that's whats matters since I am the one who will be wearing them. They fit will all my jackets/ coats and since I was only buy one pair of shoes that was kind of deal breaker. Hahaha.

As you know or may know (hahahahahaha) I am in love with Hunter boots. Like I L-O-V-E them. I have two favorites, the original tall gloss and the original brit. Like DAYUM. I am loving them. I love how you can change up the boots with new socks, so it's kind of like having new boots. Almost, kind of, okay maybe not so much. But with different socks you can make them fit to different things. Do you  like Hunters? If so, which are your favorites?

your writer, Erika


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