Still On The Ground

Hi guys! How are you? I am good I have done much today except for doing laundry and taking a long walk with Merlin. I really don't like taking long walks with him. Like I was already going for  a walk and my mom asked me if I could bring him since she was going grocery shopping and I guess she didn't want hime to be alone, plus I guess he hadn't really been out for a while. So, IDK, I brought him. I mean, yeah, I love him he's a nice dog but like, you can't keep a steady pace with him because he likes to sniff things and all of the sudden he just starts to run like a maniac until the leash pulls him back. Like it's just easier to take a long walk on your own. Like Merlin and I went for an hour and a half long walk. I like long walks. I mean it's relaxing and freeing. And sometimes not so much. It's only nice if you're alone.

I have been reading some more in Conor's book Take Off. Oh my God it's just so incredibly good! Like I am just learning more and more about him. It's so much fun to hear about how he go started. Like all of the behind the scenes stuff, what really goes into creating music. Maybe not that deep but you know when he talk about just trying to find his sound for six months and writing a bunch of songs that never even made it on the album. I like it, like learning stuff like that. It's educating about about him and the industry. Yeah, I mean every single recording artist out there probably don't do it like Conor but I guess that this is how it is partially done. It's interesting. Also it just makes me feel like what the fuck have I achieved? I mean yes, Conor and I are very different. But still there are a bunch of young people extremely successful. I know, I know, I know hard work = success and there is no way around it. I feel like if I would have been a child star that I probably would have had gone along with a lot of thing just because it's fun and exciting instead of like this is a smart career move. In the book there is a lot about how he got offered different deals and a bunch of people wanting to work with him and how it all sounded exciting but as since he was so young then he didn't know what to make out of all this. luckily he had a lawyer who helped him decipher legal documents and give him advice.

your writer, Erika


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