The Gift

Hi guys and sorry for being M.I.A. for the last two days. Well, not totally M.I.A. because I have been on twitter, instagram and tumblr but I just haven't been updating from here. Sorry if you missed my badly but like Monday was the day before Christmas Eve and so I had to get a lot of things done. I got up early (7 AM if you call that early) so that I could go grocery shopping with my mom to buy all of the Christmas dinner food. My mom made me get up early so it wasn't entirely my choice. Then I had to bake all day and by the end of the day I was too tired to even think about this blog, plus I didn't feel like I had anything interesting to write about. I didn't have a flow/ a thought that I could spin a blog post from. It was just empty, not empty but just not something I felt like. Whatever. So yeah yesterday was Christmas Eve so then I was busy playing Christmas. I just didn't feel like I wanted to blog yesterday. I wanted to take it easy (hahahaha).

Yesterday was good. I made an American pumpkin pie for the first time. It was okay. I think that I had built up some sort of greatness about it but also I think that I will make it again and use a different brand of cream. I used Skånemejeriet and though they have good products I prefer Arla's, Garant's and Milda's whipped cream. Skånemejeriet's just had a weird taste that I am not used to. So I think that's what made it. Hmm, I mean other than that it was good. First I was with my mom and we had Christmas Eve breakfast and lunch together and opened a few presents. The I went of to the rest of my family and watched Kalle and after Kalle Santa Clause came and we opened all of the presents. Then when they were going to have dessert I went back to my moms and we had dessert. The pumpkin pie and my mom had made saffron pancake and we watched Victoria's Secret Fashion Show which aired last night and opened the rest of the presents. I just had to see the VS fashion show because you know it's VS. Plus the gif of Cara going totally bananas had got me really excited about watching it. OMG, Elsa Hosk (one of VS's pink models) instagramed a picture saying that she was coming home to Sweden for the holidays and I was seriously thinking about going to Arlanda to meet up with her when she landed. I mean how often do you get the chance to meet a VS model? Plus Elsa is a freaking superstar! She signed with one of the biggest agencies in Sweden when she was only 13! Then she started doing fashion week and all of that! Like what! My idol! But the picture was posted at like five in the afternoon and then it was like not really worth it going to Arlanda since a flight from New York takes between eight and nine hours so yeah. I mean she could have been on a connecting flight to Stockholm somewhere in Europe but I didn't feel like taking that chance.

Both pictures of Elsa are taken from her instagram @hoskelsa
(picture source/ credit to:

(picture source/ credit to:

What did you all get for Christmas? Hahahaha, I am not really the one to post what I got for Christmas or my birthday but this year I got two things that I really wanted, kind off the only things that I wanted. I got Conor Maynard's book Take Off and One Direction's latest book Where We Are. I mean I got other things as well but those were the two I mostly wanted. A lot of the artist that I listen to have released books this fall but Conor's and 1D's books were the ones that I wanted the most. I started reading Take Off today and I can't believe how much I don't know about Conor, I feel like a bad fan. I need to update myself until the next time I meet him. OMG, so I was reading the book and he mentioned when he met his friend Alex McDonald and I just screamed (in my head) ALEX (plus who totally just followed me in twitter)!

As I said I am not to one to do this but I am only posting this picture here since I have already posted it in the Swedish Beliebers Christmas present group. Feel free to comment what you got.

I recommend you all to download Pia Mia's EP The Gift for free (IT'S FREE YOU GUYS) at livemixtapes. Here is the download link Pia Mia is absolutely amazing and I am in love with her voice. If she were to announce tomorrow that she would be going on tour you can bet your ass that I would be going to see her! My favorite songs from the EP are Hold On We're Going Home (yes, it's a Drake cover but she deffo made it her own) and Shotgun Love (which is also available to buy on iTunes). Don't worry livemixtapes is not illegal! Plus she has RT a lot of fans who has downloaded the EP. That's how I found it. Also go to her youtube channel and listen to her on soundcloud On her soundcloud you can also download her song What a Girl Wants for free or be a good girl or boy and buy it on iTunes so that she moves up the charts.

your writer, Erika


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