You know what! I am almost finished with the Christmas shopping. I only have one present left to buy and then I am all done! Woop woop! I bought presents to all of the kids today, I mea the ones that I had left. That feels good, so now I just have one present left to get. I feel like, when am I going to queeze that in? Hahaha, I do have time, this weekend and I do have a little time next week after work since I only work from 7 AM to 11 AM. I have time on Friday next week but Thursday is all booked for Justin Bieber. Believe Movie. That is going to be so much fun! Before the movie a few of us Swedish Beliebers are going to have a little meet up. It's always fun to meet Beliebers because they are always so nice and welcoming (so are Directioners, but we are talking about Justin now). We are just going to meet up at McDonalds or something and talk and just get to know each other better. Like I am so excited for the movie! Like go Justin, go Beliebers! It's our fucking day!

My mom and I set up the Christmas tree today, a little late but whatever it's done now. Ooo, I was going to put up some pictures on the wall as well tonight but IDK, like I need something that can handle the heavy frame for my Anton Ewald poster. You know the one that is signed, I mean what am I saying I have two singed posters by him. Let me get my tongue in place so I can speak (?) properly, what meant to say was the one that I got framed. Whatever I'll get that fixed tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be a full day of cleaning and washing clothes and just those housewife domestic stuff. Ya know, stuff that just had to be done on a regular basis.

Tomorrow it has been a full year since I left the United States. Whaaat is happening with the time? has it already been a year? Oh my gad! And on Saturday it has been a year since I came back to Sweden. Like whaaat! Oh my gad! I remember it like it was yesterday. Oh my gad, like when I landed in London I remember taking out my Swedish phone just to see if I had any bars in my phone so that I could text someone back in Sweden but nope. Hahaha, that was my pre iPhone era. What did I do then? Like I was fine without one. I mean yeah I badly wanted an iPhone but I was fine.

your writer, Erika


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