Winter Not So Much of a Wonderland

Hi guys! What's up? Hahaha. I haven't done much today or yeah I mean that can be interrupted 'cause I have actually done a lot. So the joke's on you or something. Nah but I did some laundry this morning, then I went grocery shopping and then I cleaned the whole apartment. Vacuumed and mopped the floors that will say. Yup, good girl here. Hihihihi.

Today it kind of hit me like "Oh, no it's Friday!" Hahaha. Meaning that there are only two days left of the weekend and then it is Monday which means that I have to get up at 5 AM to get to work. Hashtag crying right now. No but, IDK I just don't want to get up at 5 AM that's all. I don't mind working, plus my job is very simple and I only work 4 hours a day three days a week and soon this is over, it's just the 5 AM detail. You get it? You do. Eh, whatever I just have to suck it up. Only two more weeks of this. Two more weeks, six days, 32 hours, 1920 minutes, 115200 seconds. Oh, Imma add an other detail, the weather. It's cold and I have to be outside in the cold for four hours and now snow. Yeah, it started snowing today. Like no? Why? Why I ask.

Like, okay I am in bad need of a new pair of winter boots and I feel that I am very picky when it comes to that. I can't find any shoes that I do like. Okay , yeah I do want Hunter wellies. Like c'mon they are just to die for. But they cost a little much, well I sell Hunter's that aren't that expensive but that's an other country so it will probably take two weeks for me to get them and I might have to pay extra taxes, IDK. But it's the UK so maybe not since it's an EU country. I need new winter boots ASAP. Aaaah, I have to go shoe hunting tomorrow.

your writer, Erika


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