Goodbye 2013

Hmmm. Hi. So you know or I mean do you remember, that I told you that my earphones weren't working? That the sound only works in the right one. Really weird. So earlier today when I was folding my laundry I decided to listen to music in my iPhone. I had come to terms with that earphones weren't working properly, annoying but that is what is. Okay so anyway, I didn't really think about it at first but then it hit me that I wasn't annoyed by the sound. I mean that it was only coming out from the right side. So I slowly took out the right earphone and really concentrated on listening with my left ear and, magically it sounded perfect. The left earphone was working! Magiclly! IDK how but it was working. So I expressed my joy to my mom and saying it was the magic of Bieber since I was listening to him and she just looked at me. Anyway so now that I was going to listen to music on my computer it wasn't working, I mean only the right earphone was working so I thought that the magic might have stopped. So I decided to try it in my phone and it was working just fine. Hmm. I tried with an other pair of old earphones where only the right earphone was working and they didn't work when I tried them with my computer but worked just fine in my iPhone. OMG! Like so freaking annoying. So there is probably something wrong with my computer. I don't think that's the only problem because when I tried my moms headphones, which you have to plug into an USB outlet, they didn't work at all. But, everything else that I plug into any of the USB outlets work. Hmm, but the headphones work just fine when she uses them with her computer. Like so annoying. Here I come with my first world country problems again. Hahahaha.

Moving on from the Negative Nelly. I mean on the bright side I have two sets of just fine working Apple EarPods with a remote and I don't have to buy new ones for 300 kr. But, to be a Negative Nelly one last time in this post, I have to go to Täby Centrum some day with my computer. Yeah, there is so much fun that you can have.

Moving on it was. New Years Eve. Did I promise you a review of 2013? IDK, I might have tweeted something about it. I remember the first few years that I had this blog I always did a big review of the past year. Like very long ones with lists of stuff. Hahahaha. None of that tonight. Tonight, we'll just look back at the past year. The year started off kind of boring. Okay yeah there were a few exciting things here and there, as the Sollentuna Fashion Show and Lets Dance. Other than that there wasn't much to celebrate, oh yeah my 20th birthday, that too was of course something exciting. But mostly, school. Like OMG, I have never experienced something that boring. I have never been so bored at school. Like I kind of like school but I remember the first seminar that I went to (it was like the second day or something) I just thought that I wanted to kill myself like, I really didn't know how I was going to survive that! It is a big ass wonder that I did. Never going back to Stockholm University. Unless they up their way of teaching and course literature.

Yeah, so I got to walk in my first ever fashion show this year. Okay, yeah so that's not entirely true since I have done it once before. I walked in a fashion show last year (2012) in my senior year of high school but that wasn't anything like this. We had to create something, an "art piece" that we had to wear on the runway. When I walked in the fashion show for Sollentuna Centrum in february this year, I had a lot of fun and I am really glad that I got the opportunity to do it. It was really something else to step out on that runway. I hope that I did a good job. This year I really decided that I was going to try to get in to movies and television. As an actress, as an extra, just to be a part of it all. It was hard at first but I feel like once I got Partaj, that's when things started to roll. I mean I got to be a lot on that show and I am really thankful for that.

The summer of 2013 was absolutely amazing. Before the summer even started I set my mind to have the best summer ever. Which I had. I did so many things. I went to Gröna Lund so many times. Hahahah, I went and saw Sommarkrysset and I went to Ke$ha's concert with Linda. I met Isac Elliot. OMG, Nickeodeondagen was so much fun. One of the best days. WeAreSTHLM was also really fun! I went there with Linda because I wanted to see Kim Cesarion and Zara Larsson. I also got to meet Kim that night. Right after his performance I dragged Linda to the side of the stage and we stood there for a while and then he came and said hello to his fans. That was amazing! He is one of my favorite Swedish artists. Him and Zara. Oh my God I can't forget the One Direction concert! That was a dream come true. The show was so good!

Meeting Conor Maynard and Jack Maynard was the best thing that happened this year! Conor is one of my biggest idols so getting the chance to meet him is something I'll always be thankful for! They way I met him to. There was me and this other girl who was there to meet him. It was just us two and then there was Conor and Jack plus Conor's girlfriend Victoria and Jack's friend Abe. Just me and Saia and them. No bodyguards or nothing. Like. I really got to talk to him and say that I love R U Crazy (which had just been released then). I love that moment! I have never in my life fangirled so hard. It is funny that he followed me on twitter exactly three months (on the day) after we met. I am thankful for so many follows on twitter this year! Like Cody and Alli Simpson!

All in all 2013 has been a good year! Even considering the roller coaster is has taken me on, but it all depends on what you decide to focus on. I am not the type of person who likes to focus on the negativity, I try to see the good in everything. This has really been a fantastic year.

your writer, Erika


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