Party Every Day

Hi guys, early blog. Ha, maybe not that early since I have been putting it off for a few hours now. Well, I have been looking at shoes online for a new shoes. I need new winter boots. Like ASAP. I mean I wore my converse to work today and no. I mean they are too cold for standing outside in the cold for four hours. Like not, my shoes need heat. Hahaha. I work with handing out flyers for Tolv which is a mall but restaurants (no it's not a food court, not really) and it's located right underneath Tele2 Arena. So on my to Tolv this morning I took a picture of Globen (which is right by Tele2 Arena) because I wanted to post a picture in Swedish Beliebers. I mean, Justin had three concerts there in late April this year. I showed the picture to my mom when I came home and she said that it looks like a Christmas card. It looks pretty cool, what do you think?

Oh my God! I almost forgot, Partaj. I always post pictures after each episode. Okay. So I won't post all the pictures from last night's episode I'll post the rest after next Sunday. I'll post the pictures of the crowds. You, know the swedes, the danes and the finns. Hmm, I don't think that I took a picture of the lonely Icelander (which was BTW played by the writer of Høllefjord High). And the Norwegian. I have accidentally deleted pictures from set that day or I just didn't take pictures that I thought that I took. Hahaha, well here are the pictures that I do have.

your writer, Erika


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