Merry Christmas 2 Erika

Merry Christmas to Erika! Yes indeed! Conor Paul Maynard followed me on twitter earlier tonight! I mean like what just happened?! Like, this to like unreal or something. Like whaaat! I still can't believe it, whaaaat! I never get followed during follow sprees. I never thought that he would follow me but he did, like what?! Conor I owe you my life now! Honestly I mean it. Thank you! This will beat any Christmas present, unless it's his book. He seriously made my life. Plus how freaking unbelievable isn't it that he followed me today because it has been three months since I met him! Three months today and he freaking followed me! Conor freaking Maynard. Mah God! Thank you so much!

I am a really good procrastinator at times and when it comes to certain things, for example cleaning my computer desktop. Like it's way too messy, too many pictures. I need to put them in a file or just throw them away. I can't have it like this. Hmm, I am trying to clean it as I am writing this. One other thing that I should probably do is to name all of my files, documents and pictures with a proper name. I mean that way it will just be easier to find them.

Oh yeah, you know the other day when I was like, I have twitter, tumblr and all of that shit. We'll, follow me. That wasn't my point with that. I mean, here are all of the links if you wan to check them out.


your writer, Erika


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