The Day In Between

Another post. Another day in Erika's world. So what have you all been up to? I haven't done much today. Basicly just chillin' at home, reading more in Conor's book. It's really good, but I feel like a big bluff has been called. I mean like I first of all I thought Anth was British. Well, I guess I just assumed that because Conor is British. And second, I thought that did all the cover together like in the same room but no. Conor did his bits and sent them to Anth who edited his and Conor's bits together. Like, whaaaat?! My mind has just been blown. Like I am mind fucked. Yes, Conor Paul Maynard your book mind fucked me! You mind fucked me! Thank you for fucking me. LOL.

No but other than that, I went to the movies with my mom. We saw Last Vegas. It was good. It was fun  to see all of those actors in a different movies. I mean like this is not the type of movie you expect to see De Niro, Freeman or Douglas in. Well, not me anyway. Hahahaha. That movie just made me want to go to Vegas. I just thought how fun it would be to go to Vegas over a weekend but like I live in Sweden and of you go to America you can't just go there over a weekend. I mean it takes like half a day to get there. That's if you get a good flight.

I feel like I am very picky when it comes to things. I am not really picky at all, I just mean that if I decide that I want something, like a new bag or a new pair of shoes. BAM, just like that all of the sudden nothing is good enough or meet up to my fashion sense. Hahaha, weird. Like a week or two ago I went to MANGO and IDK, nothing special and for some reason I decided to look at their bags and like they are actually really cool. I am glad that I didn't get one then just because it's mellandags rea (a huge sale kind of like Black Friday but this sale last about two weeks after Christmas) everything at MANGO is 50% off. Like whaaat?! So I am going to get that bag. Hihihi. I am so happy.

your writer, Erika


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