I am so sorry that I didn't blog last nigth but I was too tired! Like way way tired to even care to open up my computer. Like yea know, first I went to work between 7 to 11 AM (keep in mind that I got up at 5 AM) and then at 4 PM I went to a taping of Settman På Plats and that wasn't over until around 9 PM. So when I got home at around 10 PM I was beyond tired! Like beyond tired. Like I felt that i was join to fall asleep while I was at the taping for Settman. That would have been embarrassing! Thankfully I did not fall asleep. After the show there was this guy who came up me and said "hello". He was an extra in the last Høllefjord sketch. He asked me if I recognized him and at first I didn't  but then he told me that he had been an extra in Høllefjord. The I hit me that probably was an extra in the latest Høllfjord sketch but as tired as I was (seriously I was so freaking tired that I just wanted to cry, just bawl my eyes out, just physically drained) I got a little snotty towards him (not that I think that I sounded snotty towards him, I just asked a stupid question) and asked him which sketch. Then he said that said that he was an guy in the audience in the last Høllefjord sketch. I don't know why I ask stupid question? Like, IDK like then I was just really tired and didn't really know what I was doing like when I walked off the little stage where the artist perform I almost tripped on a light and broke it. Like I stepped down with one foot and realized what I was doing and then stepped back up on the stage. Like I think that I was about to fall asleep as I was walking. I wanted to take a picture with Peter (the host) after the show but it was 9 PM and I was so tired that I wanted to cry so I just went home.

Today I have been shopping. Like I need that today. Not that I really did buy anything for myself. I just bought a Christmas present for Charlie. Well, yeah I bought things for myself too but I don't really count shower gel, facial wipes, deodorant and such as shopping. Yes I bought stuff for myself but like when I think of shopping I think of like clothes, shoes, jewelry and such. You know what I mean. Hahaha.

I signed most of my Christmas cards tonight. I have a few left so I'll see who the lucky ones will be who will get those. I have already sent out two cards but those people don't live in Sweden so I mailed them last Sunday because it usually takes about a week for things to get where you want them when you mail something abroad.

your writer, Erika


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