Apples & Carrots

Hi, hola, hello, hej. How are you doing? I am good, except (hahahaha) my earphones broke and I can't find any earphones that work. None in this little apartment works. OMG. It's so annoying. But I am going to buy this little thing tomorrow that might fix this problem. As if that wasn't enough the lightning cable is acting up again. OMG, seriously, that's one of this things that I have to buy like every other month. Okay maybe not that often but often, a few times a year. I remember this summer, I bought this lightning cable at Kjell och company and after two weeks it broke so I went back to the store and got a new one. That lightning cable also broke after two weeks and so I got a new one. Can you guess what? That mother loving cable broke after also broke after two weeks. By that point I had lost my patient so I just demanded my money back. Hmmm, I am not sure exactly what I did now that I think about it. Anyway, I know that I swore that I would only buy Apple products for any of my Apple products. Because it's like they are making a IDK don't like none Apple products because they break a whole lot faster than Apple products. Typical first world country problems. This is so typical me. I mean these problems are typical. I feel like I am the only one who's affected by this, I feel so alone. Hahahahaha. Negative Nelly.

Okay seriously now there are two SWD groups and I am getting so confused about which is which. I mean which is the "real" SWD that I joined like a few weeks before the concert and which is the other one that I joined last week. Hahaha. Like the reason I call the first SWD group the real SWD is because that's the group that is more frequently updated but the other SWD has more members but it's only because the first SWD is from time to time sorted from inactive members. I mean so if you're not an active member you might get kicked out of the group. Anyway, there is this thing in the real SWD to just post carrot stuff in the second SWD group. IDK, I guess to be funny.

your writer, Erika


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