Hi! So I continued reading in Conor's book today. Just so unbelievably awesome! What a sweet life he seemed to be living. I mean when he moved to London, like he got to be in the recoding studio everyday and still kind of be a part of that uni lifestyle. I mean visit his friends in their halls, go to popular places where all the uni kids hang out. I mean it sounded pretty sweet in a way. But he complains about in the book that he kind of relied on his friends at uni for a social life since he didn't know anyone in London, that he was pretty much alone without them. Except for that it all seems pretty sweet. I really recommend that you buy his book, Take Off. You won't regret it. It's really good. I really hope that I get to meet him again. He's just, I mean I am a really huge fan of him. I have about 30 pages left but I'll finish that tomorrow, this is a book that you latterly have to tare me from. The only reason that I put it down is because I really need to do something else but tomorrow, I will finish it but it's sad though. Like, huh, no this can't be it! I hope that he release another book soon. But what I am really excited about is his new album which will be out sometime next year. R U Crazy (his latest single) is the most unstated song of the year. It's unbelievably crazy amazingly good but I fee like I haven't heard much about it. Hmm. Too bad. Though, I don't listen to the radio I request it so that other people can hear his greatness. I am even voting for it to be on Mix Megapol's Topp 100 on New Year's Eve. I spammed earlier today and keep voting for it now so hopefully they will play it. The Topp 100 will start at 10 AM CET on New Year's Eve on Mix Megapol. You can listen on their website and you can vote on this link

I met a friend today that I haven't seen in a few months because she doesn't live in Stockholm. So we hung out today. We went to shopping because she needed to get some late Christmas presents and I was in a bad new of a new mascara and we went to Starbucks. While we was at Punkt Shop I ran into a friend from high school, who I haven't seen since graduation. It was fun.

your writer, Erika


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