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Ariana Grande - Into You


It's Saturday

Hi! Soooo, it's Saturday peepz! Hahahaha, if I was any good at making video blogs I would make one instead of writing a post tonight, but sadly that is not a skill that I possess. Mhmm. Well, well. Here I am and you have to read what I have to say tonight. But I know you all enjoy that because other wise you wouldn't be here.

So you now I am kind of a lazy person. I mean I never do my grocery shopping in a grocery store. Gosh I have no time for that stuff, plus I am just one person and can't carry all of the thing that I need. I only have two arms and it's too heavy. Yeah so I order my groceries online from I do like them but they have messed up my orders a few times. And yesterday they change my canned lentils to uncooked dry lentils because (I guess) they were out of the lentils I wanted. Usually when they switch a product like that in my order I am okay with it but not this time. I mean I chose the canned lentils because they were cooked and ready to use.…

Summer Is Almost Here

Yo! Hi everyone! Good evening! How are you? I am good. Except for that my neck hurts so fucking bad that I just wanted to cry at work today. Gosh! I really do need a spa day! I am looking at some different package right now and it is kind of cheep! Idk, but I thought that would be more expensive. But it's not I can actually afford it. I will see if some one wants to join me. Would be fun! If no one wants to I will go alone because either way my body really needs a day off. I am so looking forward to it!

I can't believe that school is almost over! I have my last test next Thursday! It's kind of bitter sweet. I feel good about that it's over but I will have some much free time over now that school is over. Especially now in June. This semester has really been hard but I feel like I learn a lot about myself. I have done better than I ever thought I would. Okay I actually choose this course because I thought that it would be an easy A, but after the first test its showed t…

Sunday Funday with Patti

Yo! Hi everyone! I hope that you all have had a great weekend so far! I've had a pretty good weekend. Pretty mellow. I mean I haven't done much. I studied a bit yesterday and did some laundry and went to the recycling station. Today was fun though! My friend Patti is back in Sweden for a while so we went out to dinner and the we took a long walk. It wasn't that long, but we took a walk along Strandvägen. So beautiful!

Before dinner I had to buy her a birthday present because her birthday was three weeks ago and I hadn't bought her anything yet. I tell you this woman is impossible! OMG! First, when I asked her a few weeks ago, she wanted a case for a camera, but I couldn't find find/ they were like super ugly. So I asked her if she wanted something else. So the she was like just get me a gift card. So I was like okay yeah I will buy that. Until this morning I was going to get her that, then she texted me saying if she could change her mind. I was like sure! I mean I…

Smarty Pants

Hi everyone! I feel like I want to try and keep my promise to update this blog more. But I don't know if I should try and make something out it so that it gets more readers. I mean I did it once with Have It Hollywood so I am pretty sure I can make something like that again. Sometimes I actually think of starting HIH again but then I remember how much time it took to keep that blog alive. It was a lot of fun and I loved it but I don't want my life just to be about my blog. If I could make real money out of this thing then then. But I feel like to get it that far I first need like a "theme" or something. Something to keep you guys interested. Hmmmm. Maybe I'll come up with something. I am smart.

I am smart though! Like really smart! Like genius status. Okay, maybe that is a little bit over exaggeration. Hehehe. But I am just really happy and proud of myself (and also a bit shocked!) because I passed my paper. I didn't just pass (which is the shocking thing), I…

I Am Here Now

Hi everyone! I just wanted get a post in before I say goodnight to the world and watch my shows. Or show. I finished watching Switched At Birth and started watching The Girlfriend Experience. It's okay. Artistically I think that it's very similar to House of Cards. Think about it. I am actually gang to try and get a post in every day. Maybe I shouldn't say that. I mean I most likely won't post anything tomorrow because I won't have time before work and when I get home I have to go straight bed because I have to get up early on Friday. Oh well. I am sorry thought that I haven't blogged this week. On Monday I shot this e-learning video for Socialstyrelsen and when I got home I had to work our. Yesterday I was super tired when I got home from school and I also had to work out plus do some homework. but I am here now.

your writer, Erika

Sunday Chill Day

Hi everyone! How are you? I am good. Or that depends. I just finished watching If I Stay and that movie is so good and so sad. If gave me all kinds of feels. I just bawled my eyes out so much it has giving me a headache. I mean it was worth it because it's such a good movie. But still OMG.

How has every one's day been? Mine has been kind of chill. I hopped in for a few hours and helped out at the café. It was nice. Then I got home, ate some dinner and watched the movie. Now I am sitting here and watching How I Met Your Mother. Pretty nice day. Just chilling. Tomorrow is going to be nice as well because I have a shoot. It's some education video for Socialstyrelsen so it won't be on TV. But it's still acting and I am getting paid to act. It's a step forward in the right direction. LOL.

Hey, have you listened to Meghan Trainor's new album yet? It's great. She realsed it this Friday! You should go on spotify and listen to it!

your writer, Erika

Woman Up - Meghan Trainor

Korvbrödsbagarn – Bistro brioche hamburger buns

Hi! I shot a commercial with Korvbrödsbagarn a little over a month ago and it's finally out! Check it out :)

your writer, Erika


Hi boos! How are you? I am good. I am actually sitting on my balcony right now and enjoying the sun. Wearing a black turtle neck not really sure why, but I am. No because I look good. But my pants are flower printed so I am not entirely anti summer. It is real nice. Yeah. I had to get up at 5:50 this morning. Too early but I need time in the morning. I would have preferred to have more time but I wasn't going to get up earlier than that. Only for work. Gotta make some money otherwise I wouldn't even have been up when I started work. LOL. I got off work earlier today which I realised was stupid but whatever. It gave me sometime to go shopping. I bought this top at Gina Tricot that I have been eyeing. I usually don't like Gina but this top is really cute.

I really have no clue what to eat for dinner! Suggestions are welcome. It would be nice to go out to dinner but I do…