It's Saturday

Hi! Soooo, it's Saturday peepz! Hahahaha, if I was any good at making video blogs I would make one instead of writing a post tonight, but sadly that is not a skill that I possess. Mhmm. Well, well. Here I am and you have to read what I have to say tonight. But I know you all enjoy that because other wise you wouldn't be here.

So you now I am kind of a lazy person. I mean I never do my grocery shopping in a grocery store. Gosh I have no time for that stuff, plus I am just one person and can't carry all of the thing that I need. I only have two arms and it's too heavy. Yeah so I order my groceries online from I do like them but they have messed up my orders a few times. And yesterday they change my canned lentils to uncooked dry lentils because (I guess) they were out of the lentils I wanted. Usually when they switch a product like that in my order I am okay with it but not this time. I mean I chose the canned lentils because they were cooked and ready to use. The dry lentils I have to soak in water for at least three hours before they're ready. It's so much extra work. Well well. I am still pleased with them because they're still nice and compensate every time they've done wrong. I'll be a customer for a long time.

Oh, on a happier note (or yeah), I bought one of my summer must haves. Look how great I look in this dress. Have a great weekend!

your writer, Erika


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