Sunday Funday with Patti

Yo! Hi everyone! I hope that you all have had a great weekend so far! I've had a pretty good weekend. Pretty mellow. I mean I haven't done much. I studied a bit yesterday and did some laundry and went to the recycling station. Today was fun though! My friend Patti is back in Sweden for a while so we went out to dinner and the we took a long walk. It wasn't that long, but we took a walk along Strandvägen. So beautiful!

Before dinner I had to buy her a birthday present because her birthday was three weeks ago and I hadn't bought her anything yet. I tell you this woman is impossible! OMG! First, when I asked her a few weeks ago, she wanted a case for a camera, but I couldn't find find/ they were like super ugly. So I asked her if she wanted something else. So the she was like just get me a gift card. So I was like okay yeah I will buy that. Until this morning I was going to get her that, then she texted me saying if she could change her mind. I was like sure! I mean I hadn't gotten her anything yet. She wanted these films for her camera. I was like cool. Then no offing store had the exact one she wanted, so I was like yet again "Patti pls something else!". Then just couldn't find anything and she was kind of impossible so I just ended up buying her a gift card at MONKI. But she likes MONKI, so um yeah. But look what got from her! I got a this cute tote from ZARA. It is so big that it will fit my work clothes. Awesome!

your writer, Erika

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