Smarty Pants

Hi everyone! I feel like I want to try and keep my promise to update this blog more. But I don't know if I should try and make something out it so that it gets more readers. I mean I did it once with Have It Hollywood so I am pretty sure I can make something like that again. Sometimes I actually think of starting HIH again but then I remember how much time it took to keep that blog alive. It was a lot of fun and I loved it but I don't want my life just to be about my blog. If I could make real money out of this thing then then. But I feel like to get it that far I first need like a "theme" or something. Something to keep you guys interested. Hmmmm. Maybe I'll come up with something. I am smart.

I am smart though! Like really smart! Like genius status. Okay, maybe that is a little bit over exaggeration. Hehehe. But I am just really happy and proud of myself (and also a bit shocked!) because I passed my paper. I didn't just pass (which is the shocking thing), I got a C. A mother effing C! Now y'all Americans out there might not think that a C is that good. In Sweden we do have the A-F grading system but the letters don't mean the same thing as in the US. In Sweden an E means you passed. So a C is like really effing amazing! I never thought I would have gotten that. I thought that if I passed I would have gotten an E, but I didn't, I got a C! Yay me!

your writer, Erika


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