Sunday Chill Day

Hi everyone! How are you? I am good. Or that depends. I just finished watching If I Stay and that movie is so good and so sad. If gave me all kinds of feels. I just bawled my eyes out so much it has giving me a headache. I mean it was worth it because it's such a good movie. But still OMG.

How has every one's day been? Mine has been kind of chill. I hopped in for a few hours and helped out at the café. It was nice. Then I got home, ate some dinner and watched the movie. Now I am sitting here and watching How I Met Your Mother. Pretty nice day. Just chilling. Tomorrow is going to be nice as well because I have a shoot. It's some education video for Socialstyrelsen so it won't be on TV. But it's still acting and I am getting paid to act. It's a step forward in the right direction. LOL.

Hey, have you listened to Meghan Trainor's new album yet? It's great. She realsed it this Friday! You should go on spotify and listen to it!

your writer, Erika


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