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JB in concert

They were awsome!!! Best concert I've ever been to!
That day started with me leaving early for the cd singing. I was there about 9.15am. The cd signing stared at 3pm. All those hours waiting for the bros didn't feel like 5 hours and 45 minutes. it felt like one minute, not even that to be honest. It was so fun waiting for the bors. A group of fans sang JB songs and one Miley song actually. Of course I sang along. I met some people I've talked to on myspace! I found out by some fans) that Charlotte Perelli a Swedish singer has made a cover on Nick's song Appreciate! I heard I last night! She hasn't made her own version own (if you know what a mean). Is the same music but with her voice. Yeah enough of that, back to the to the stuff you wanna hear, there was a funny security guy there named Patrick. Some girl stared to call him their dad and then they got mad at him because they didn't get a jersey that had security written over it chest. I saw what a few people w…

JB weekend

Hello my people! I can't believe that I am goging to meet the Jonas Brothers tomorrow. I am so happy! YEAH ME! On Sunday I will upload some pictures here and maybe a video!!! The rest I will post on myspace and youtube.
I hoped that they have a great day in London today. I had a fun day today!
Tomorrow I will probably get ready the same time I do when I am going to school. My mom think I am crazy. But it's the Jonas brothers I'll do anything for them!!! I don't get why she thinks I am crazy because she told me that she got up like 6:30am this morning just to get the newspaper! I mean hello! Who's the crazy one!
Soon I am going to make a banner an maybe rap their presents. But right now I am rapping my mom's preset. I have already rapped the other one.
Bye, now I have to start on the banner!!!

Your writer, Erika.

a trip to the spa

Right now it's Hannah Montana and it's the episode with the Jonas Brothers. I love that episode. Yeah! I love how she (Hannah) describe them as
Kevin - the cute and romantic one
Joe - the cute and funny one
Nick - the cute and sensitive one
Today I went to the spa. It was really relaxing and before that I ate sushi with my mom to lunch. The woman the was going to give me a facial ('cause that was what I was getting) told me exactly what she was gong to do. After a while (when she talked) I was getting into my own thoughts. Not to be me (because she was really nice) she just kept on babbling at the beginning! My mom bought an extra ticket for the concert so I can go with a friends.
Tomorrow I am going to buy her second present I think or I'll do it on Sunday.
Here's a funny clip with JB on Hannah Montana

I hope you enjoyed this!

Much love from your writer, Erika.

Cookies and pictures

Right now I am baking cookies and listening to some JB song!!!! I finally got my ticket for the concert on Saturday!! I am going to give them a black little teddy bear, Swedish flag and cookies. Not the once I am baking now. I'll bake new once on Friday. I would bake on Saturday morning, but I have to get to get cd singing early!
JB in London

JB on London Eye in (of course) London

Nick and Frankie

A Little Bit Longer cd cover

I hope you liked the pictures!
A lot of love from your writer, Erika.

Hail for Joe my love

FRIDA and the Swedish DC website have had given people an opportunity to get a meet and greet with the Jonas Brothers. I only knew about the DC had, but I didn't win! That's so sad. Maybe an other time. My dad is giving me the tickets for the concert tomorrow. I'll hope he gives me two tickets 'cause then I can take a friend!!!
I today I bought FRIDA sommarspecial 'cause they had an interview with the boys when they were in London. There were pictures from their hotel room. I got surprised when I reed that Joe only had seen hail two times in his life!!! Here in Sweden it happens now and then every year. Mostly in the fall. Back to Joe, it stood that he ran over to the window to look at the hail when it stared.So Nick got left alone in the couch He was so amazed by it. He even asked the reporter if it could hurt if you got them on you. The weirdest thing about this interview was that Kevin wasn't there!!! Where was Kevin? Why wasn't he there?
I finally bought …

I love Joe Jonas

Right I am watching Zoey 101. Did you know that Jamie-Lynn Speras got a daugther last thursday. Her name is Maddie Brian! Cute!
I found this song at youtube today about Joe Jonas. It's an acoustisc version of JB's song S.O.S but with different lyrics and it's called I love Joe Jonas. Here's the link to the video if you want to listen to it
I also found these videos of the Jonas Brothers called "A Day in the Life of the Jonas Brothers". the last on is from BBC Sound. I hope you enjoy!

your writer, Erika.

Burnin' Up

Camp Rock

Last night I saw Camp Rock. It was best movie I've ever seen!!! Jason (Kevin Jonas) is hilarious!!! Joe (Shane) and Nick (Nate) were also really good!! One of my favorite scenes is probably when Shane has been at the camp for three hours and calls Nate and Jason to asked them to let him come back.
Don't forget to vote for the Jonas Brothers at TCA 2008 (TCA = Teen Choice Awards). Here's a widget to help you vote!!

Don't forget to watch Camp Rock tonight at Disney Channel!!!!!!!

your writer, Erika.

Behind the scenes of Camp Rock with JB

JB in NY

Here is a few pictures of the Jonas Brothers outside a hotel in NY last week. They are so hot. Nick's new haircut rocks!!!! He looks more grown up! I can't believe I am going to meet them next week! If you want to see the rest of the pictures just go to and search for Jonas Brothers. Enjoy these picutures!

xoxo, a JB freak - your witer, Erika

An Exciting Message For Our UK Fans!

Where young hollywood shines

Hi,today I found these really cool videos on youtube with the Jonas Brothers posted by somedia. Ok, one is with the JB and one is of Timbaland talking about the Jonas Brothers.
Watch them:

I think they should work together. That song or songs are going to be huge! Just listen to their songs (that are already are hits), how huge a is that going to be! JB are great song writers and Kevin is one of the producers on their record Jonas Brothers.
Go to Jonas Brothers youtube channel and check out their videos!! In the video Jonas Brothers Soap Opera Demi Lovato the girl Joe gives the banana to! Also visit
That's the channel I got the videos from that I posted today!
I just thought about it like a few minutes ago that the that the Jonas Brothers are coming to Stockholm next week. I planed to meet them outside the hotel they are staying at. You're probably thinking: How do I know which hotel that they are going …

YouTube mania with JB

Here's a video of the Jonas Brothers before they were the Jonas Brothers. They are preforming with a song from Nick's cd, Nicholas Jonas, Time For Me To Fly. Note: this video is from November 6th 2004 at the Early Show

Here's a video of Nick getting a new computer!

Here's the famous Joe Jonas fall at the AMA's 2007

I just love how he got right back up like nothing ever happened. What would had happened if he walked of the stage. Would Nick and Kevin fallow him or would they have had continue on their own? These are the questions I ask myself.
Here's an other video of the Jonas Brothers preforming S.O.S, but this time at the season finale of American Idol 2008

Here's a video of Joe rapping and then Nick takes over with Nick J is off The Chain:
Don't miss my Camp Rock special that I am going to have on my myspace blog! Did you know that there's a camp here in Sweden called Camp Rock! Cool, huh!
Your writer, Erika.

Jonas Brothers vs The Queen - Football

JB is burning up

OK, the CD-signing with the Jonas Brothers at Bengans is the SAME DAY AS THE CONCERT! That means that I have to be there really early so I can get to the venue and get in the in front of the line. The CD-signing starts at around 3pm. I went to the store today and asked them when it was. Here's a video of me trying to get tickets to the concert (that plan didn't work):

I found a really funny video on youtube of the JorBros when they are preforming in Mexico and some girls run up on stage. The first girl runs up and hug Nick and he acts like nothing happened and the second girl tries to hug Kevin when is about to do his famous guitar spin. It get a little weird because he stops to spin because of the girl! Just watch the video:

Here's another video of a new song from their new record "A Little Bit Longer" the song is called Burning Up (it's my fav song right now):

an other video with the same song (can't get enough of it)



I am now making June 2008 the official Jonas Brothers month. Do you wanna know why? They are coming to Sweden 28/6 and the day after (just found out today) 29/6 they are having a CD singing.
Here is some few JB videos to enjoy!
When You Look Me In The Eyes

The Nick J Show - Anger

The Nick J Show - Revenge

Jonas Brothers Invade Europe

I am going to post pic and videos from the concert (JB) later this month.
xoxo, Erika


First day of summer vacation, first day off school!!!!! It feels so good! You can't imagine. Maybe you can., but it feels so good. Right now I am listening Hannah Montana 2 CD. It's the last song, True Friend. I've listen to the whole CD, it's really good.
I am going to post a new song the I've written. I don't know when, but I know that I am going to do it. It's really not finished but i am going to post it as it is and when I have final version I maybe post that version too.
What are you guy going to do today? I don't know what i am going to do, because it's been raining all morning, but it's not raining right now or yeah I really don't know if it's raining because I haven't opened my curtains yet! How' the weather where ever you are?!? It was nice weather here yesterday except it was a little bit windy. I hope the sun will "be out of the closet" when the Jonas brothers are here. I mean what will they think of Sweden? O…

20 DAYS!

YouTube mania with Demi and Selena

Family traditons

Traditions...what is your family traditions? Ours (me and my mom) are birthdays (who dosen't celebrate that so that really don't count), christmas, midsummer, March 17th (that's more a thing my mom celebrate) and there's some other stuff (kanelbullensdag and fettisdagen and February 15th and name days). We also go to Resturangernas dag (or Smaka på Stockholm as it's called now, a taste of Stockholm). It's really fun! Great food! We've been there two time this year. The first day and today. I ate the same thing today as I did two days ago (the first day), calamaris with aoli and french fries. It taste so good. We ate danish chocolate cake and it was delicious. I also earned 25 kr on those plastic glasses the have. Not much money but anyway.
Today is Sweden's national day! I told you guys that earlier this week.
Today I am going to order Jesse McCartney's new CD Departure. I am going to ask my dad if he can pre-order Miley Cyrus new CD Breakout and tell…

Already home

I am watching Ellen right now, but they are showing an old episode. I know it's old because Striker, Ellen's "cool" DJ, says he's going to Las Vegas this weekend and the Ellen said "oh, Britney is opening for the MTV awards". Why can't they show newer episodes.
This week has been unnesierie, I mean we haven't learn anything in school. So why coudn't we get vacation this week instead of next week.
I am going to make a list likes the onces I posted on myspace on my blog there. But first I am going to take an ice-cream!
iTunes TOP 10 (most played songs; on my iTunes)
Chemicals React - Aly & AJClear - Miley CyrusRock Star - Hannah MontanaGoodnight and Goodbye - Jonas BrothersSee You Again - Miley CyrusGood and Broken - Miley CyrusIt's All About Me - Chelsea StaubStart All Over - Miley CyrusFabulous - Chelsea StaubBigger Then Us - Hannah MontanaiTunes highest rated (by myself)The Potential Breakup Song - Aly &AJChemical React - Aly &…

Doing what you all should do

Today was a soft day at school, me and my friend Agnes (who worked with today) took pictures all over the place. We went to the beach, to the golf court and other places. It was fun. We didn't walk if you thought so, no we to her bike. On our way from the golf court we stopped at my moms friends place for something to drink, because it's really hot outside. When it was time for me to walk go home it felt so weird, because I had to walk and I guess I got lazy because we used her bike all day long. Lazy me! OK I am really not lazy I can walk around for hour when I am shopping.
Right now I am trieing to clean my room. Not so fun! But it's better then that there's stuff lieing on the floor. I am aslo listening to music now and then. For those of you that hasn't check out my myspace page recently here's some updates: new profile song Play My Music from the new DC movie Camp Rock (the JoBros are preforming it), new photos, new default and a new blog (but yeah I've…


This week at school is chill week! NO HOMEWORK'S! Yeah, baby! You know how much I hate homework. We got to choose what we want to do this week in school too! So tomorrow and on Wednesday me and my friend chose photography! That's going to be fun and on Thursday we chose some game, some Swedish (I think it's Swedish.) game. The game is called Kubb. It's really fun. but it can take about over one hour to finish a game. But it's still fun! On Friday we're off school (again!) because it's June 6th, Sweden's national day. I loved that they made it a so called "red day" (that means that it's a day when most people don't work and you don't go to school, you know like Sunday. That's a red day here in Sweden) but it's bad that they took away one day! Bläääääääääääää!

xoxo, Erika