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New Years Eve

A lot of wonderful things has happened this year. I've met the Jonas Brothers and seen them in real life, I've been to the HSM3 premiere in Stockholm and plenty of other stuff. I hope 2009 will be a great year. I hope the Jonas Brothers will come to Stockholm on their world tour. Today I am going to make all the same list I made last year.

Top 3 things I've done this year:
1. Meeting the Jonas Brothers
2. See the Jonas Brothers in concert
3. the HSM3 premiere in Stockholm

Top 10 music videos of 2008:
1. Fly On The Wall by Miley Cyrus

2. Lovebug by the Jonas Brothers
3. 7 Things by Miley Cyrus
4. Burnin' Up by the Jonas Brothers
5. Circus by Britney Spears
6. Tell Me Something by Selena Gomez
7. La La Land by Demi Lovato
8. So What by P!nk
9. When You Look Me In the Eyes by the Jonas Brothers
10. It's Over by Jesse McCartney

What are my hopes for 2009? Of course for the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus to come to Stockholm. Hannah Montana the movie! I can't wait for it to premier…

Soon it will all be over

In a few day this year will be over. Does anyone have any special plans for these last few days? I don't! I don't know if that's sad or not. What do you think? My mom and I are going to celebrate new years eve with one of her friends and her 5 and half year old son. I wonder if I will se the Jonas brother next year again? I hope so! I love them so much.
It just hit me that Zooey Deschanel is in the movie Elf with Will Farell. Did you know that he has a swedish wife?

your writer, Erika.

Video girl rocked my world

I made the video this morning.

your writer, Erika.


I'm thinking about giving my blog a new domain as a new years present. Maybe a cutom made, but I don't know. You just have to wait and see. The layout will be the same only the domain will be different.
So what are everybody going to do tonight? I am thinking about watch a DVD if there's nothing good on TV. I got a DVD for christmas from my moms friend. But the movie is over two hours, but I have plenty of other DVDs at home. Right now I have so many DVDs that I need a new place for all of them. The don't fit in my bookcase any more. Most of the do, but I have to have them all in one place.

your writer, Erika

La La Land

La La Land by Demi Lovato

Jonas Brothers the 3D Concert Experience - official trailer

Kill The Lights

I got Britney Spears cd Circus! Yeah, baby! I am listening to it right now. It's amazing! So what are everybody going to do today? I am not going to do so much, but tomorrow I am going shopping because then the sale starts. I hope I'll find something. I love shopping, especially when I find something cool and sassy that I know no one has. Here are the wedding dresses I saw a while ago! Ain't they pretty? I love them!

your writer, Erika.
.p.s. the wings on the first dress aren't attached to it, it's just a decoration!


Merry christmas! Have you got any presents yet? I have, Britney Spears perfume Curious from my mom and an other gift from my friend Madde. The post today will be very short because I have to get ready soon. Make myself pretty, not that I'm not already pretty, but hopefully you know what mean. So, how many presents have you bought this year? I've bought alot, but only to one friend - Madde, Katy Perry's cd One of The Boys. When I bought the cd I bought two copies, 'cause I wanted one too! I hope I get Britney Spears cd Circus.

your, witer, Erika.

Time has past by

Two days to go, I can't wait! Right now I am making some x-mas candy and listenig to some Hilary Duff songs. I love her music. I wished for a bunch of her cd this year. She so cool and such a good role model. Did you know Miley Cyrus is a big fan of her too? I liked Hilary before I knew Miley liked her. I used to watch Lizzie McGuire when I was younger, I even have two dvd's.
Did you know that Andreas Carlsson, a swedish song writer, has written a few songs for Hilary. Like Crash World, Who's That Girl and a few others.

your writer, Erika.


Finally the christmas holidays are here! No more school for a few weeks! God, the ceremony in church was awful! Non of the students who preformed could sing. One student sang better than I thought he would. But no one could really sing! It was so bad. They need to practies more and some should just quit singing. A few (1 or 2) people had potential, so they should just keep practies more.
Tonight my mom and I are going to go shopping. I'll hope I'll find something.
Once again: Don't hate christmas! Those who keep claiming that they hate christmas are weird!

your writer, Erika.

The Greatest Time of Year

Last night The Bodyguard was on TV. I didn't saw the whole movie. I saw the first hours and then I went to bed. I can't believe it's only one week left until christmas and on friday it's the last day of school for this semester. Yes! I hate all those spoiled brats the just except to get presents. Or people who haven't bought any yet. Ok, you don't have to buy early but to wait for the last second to buy them it's just ridiculous. Why wait until the last second? Do you like to stress?! Some people say that they don't like christmas because of all the stress, well here's some advise: DO EVERYTHING YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DO IN TIME! I hate people that say that they don't like chisrtmas. How can not like christmas? Are you f-----g out of your mind?????? Christmas is the best time of year. You know the greatest time of year!

your writer, Erika


Live from Hovet - Stockholm Sweden, march 12-2008 (video from my youtube channel)

Official music video ft. Justin Timberlake

With Every Bit of Me

Here's Kevin Borgs new single (or it's the winning song from Idol 2008), With Every Bit of Me. You can purchase the Idol 2008 cd here and the audition dvd here and the finale dvd here. The single, With Every Bit of Me, get released tomorrow and you can purchase it here.
Right now I am listening to some rnb/hiphop song on youtube. Today it's only 10 days left until christmas! I can't wait, I am so exited. Yesterday I saw the most beautiful wedding dresses ever! I took pictures of them but I won't post them now. I'll do it later.
Now I have to go, so bye.

your writer, Erika.

Let's Do This

I knew it, I knew it, I just knew that Kevin was going to win last night. Congratulations Kevin! This the winner has two months to record the cd instead of one or two weeks. That's great! I think I am going to buy the single, I am not sure. I think Alice sang the winner song better last night. But through the whole season Kevins been amazing. So it's great that he won.
Last night the new Hannah Montana video, Let's Do This, premiered on Disney Channel. I love the song. please watch the video below:

Today's Lucia. In third grade I was the Lucia. That was really fun. I remember that I had to memories a poem. I think the whole third grade (all three classes) was in "Lucia tåget". It was fun. We sang in front of the whole school and their parents. Just because I was the Lucia I walked in front of everybody. That's a day I think I'll never forget.

your writer, Erika.

Big and Chunky

So, what's happening tonight? Well, I am watching TV and listening to song from Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. I love the songs with! He's great as Moto Moto! I wonder if Moto Moto really means Hot Hot.
Tomorrow it's one of my moms friends birthday and it's also Lucia. So tomorrow were are going to meet her and give her her birthday present. I hope that will be fun.
Oh, it's the Idol finale tonight and guess who made to the finale? Alice and Kevin of course! I knew, I knew, I just knew it! I have an eye for that kind of stuff. I hope Kevin wins. he's more talented then Alice. Last friday he sang It's Getting Hot in Here by Nelly and he owned it. He lost some words I think but, man, he owned it. He has to win! I tell you later tonight or tomorrow the he won ('cause I know he will win). If Alice wins I don't know what to do. I won't by her cd! I may by Kevin's cd. I think the cd will come out next friday, I'm not sure. I don't re…

Funny little Agnes

Hola, mi amigos! Agnes told me today that she sings Burnin' Up by the Jonas Brothers in the shower. That's so funny. You should have seen her today at school when we were baking cookies. She was afraid of putting the cookies in the oven and taking them out of the oven. She like started jumping (looked like a weird dance) and started yelling at me to take the cookies out of the oven. It was really fun. I wish I would have had recorded it. LOL! Sorry, Agnes, for telling everybody about this. I hope your still my friend. The picture of Agnes is old. from like sixth grade or something like that.

your writer, Erika.

I hate school

I hate this day! Today when I came to school I didn't feel so good or I kind of did but I really didn't want to be in school. So convinced myself that I felt good. later I got depressed. School makes me depressed right now. I can't handle it or yeah I can but I just get depressed. This whole day has been fucked up.
On the way home I called my mom and asked if she could make me some tea because it's so freakin' cold outside, but she said she just left coop and bought Absolute Christmas among other things. So that made me happy.

your writer, Erika.

Fly On The Wall

For The Record

Last night I saw Biritney Spears documentary For the record. I was really good. While watching the documentary I fell in love with her song Circus. It's so good. I've always loved Britney! She's just so fascinating. Watch the video for Circus below:

Isn't it great?! I love the video. I want her cd for christmas or just now. But I know I want it. I wish she would come to Stockholm with her tour. Did you know that I've actullay been to a Britney Spears concert before?! Well, I have. It was one of the best concert I've ever been to. I love her. "All eyes on me in the center of the ring, just like a circus".

your writer; Erika.

Cow Belles

Hi! Today my mom and I went to Gröna Lund. Right now I am watching Cow Belles on Disney Channel. I like that movie, it's really good and I love Aly and AJ. They're amazing! I Love their music. I love Aly in Phil of The Future. She's great as Keely Teslow.
I got a great top from my mom. How do you like it? I completely love it! Can you see the heart in the middle?! Well, even if you don't there's a heart.
Well, now I have to get back to my essay.

your writer, Erika.

It´s All Right Here

Right now I am writing on my spanish essay and listing to some Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers songs. Check out the new Hannah Montana video, It´s All Right Here.

I start school in less the half an hour. So I have to finish this post soon. It's only 19 days left until christmas and only two weeks until winter break. Yeah! I can't wait. Christmas is my favorite holiday. Maybe when I am done with my spanish essay I'll post it here. I am thinking about posting my english essay, that I have to turn in on tuesday, here.

your writer, Erika.

Shoes, a girls best friend

Today we saw Million Dollar Baby. It' was ok. I've seen better movies but it was ok. You should you see, if you haven't. Today I got some new shoes. How do you like them? I like them. I know that they're not the best looking shoes in the world but personally I like them. It's only 20 days left until christmas, yeah! I can't wait. your writer, Erika.

Johnny Cash

So today, tomorrow and on friday it's elevens val on my school (which is basically you getting to chose what you want to do to three day). I (and a few guys from seventh, and eight grade I think) am watching american/english movies. Today we saw Walk The Line with Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon. It's really good. I when our teacher said that we were going to watch Walk The Line I was like yeah a movie about Johnny Cash (amazing artist, Nick loves him - just had trough that in) and just saw the movie ray last night about Ray Charles Robinson (also a truly amazing artist and wow, Jamie Foxx is an amazing actor). I love both those movies. Did you know that Johnny Cash has done a cover on U2 song One. Cool, huh?! But I like the orginal version better. I love Johnnys song Hurt and plenty of other songs he's made. Linke that prison song, Folsom Prison Blues. Did you know he has preformed at a swedish prison named Österåker (I think)?!

your writer, Erika.

23 day to go

I just wanted to say hello before I went to bed, so "Hello". I hope you had an awesome day. I had fun. I just say the first episode of The secret Life of an American Teenager. It seems ok. I am tired so by.
BTW it's 23 days until christmas! Yeah!

your writer, Erika.