The Greatest Time of Year

Last night The Bodyguard was on TV. I didn't saw the whole movie. I saw the first hours and then I went to bed. I can't believe it's only one week left until christmas and on friday it's the last day of school for this semester. Yes! I hate all those spoiled brats the just except to get presents. Or people who haven't bought any yet. Ok, you don't have to buy early but to wait for the last second to buy them it's just ridiculous. Why wait until the last second? Do you like to stress?! Some people say that they don't like christmas because of all the stress, well here's some advise: DO EVERYTHING YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DO IN TIME! I hate people that say that they don't like chisrtmas. How can not like christmas? Are you f-----g out of your mind?????? Christmas is the best time of year. You know the greatest time of year!

your writer, Erika


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