Let's Do This

I knew it, I knew it, I just knew that Kevin was going to win last night. Congratulations Kevin! This the winner has two months to record the cd instead of one or two weeks. That's great! I think I am going to buy the single, I am not sure. I think Alice sang the winner song better last night. But through the whole season Kevins been amazing. So it's great that he won.
Last night the new Hannah Montana video, Let's Do This, premiered on Disney Channel. I love the song. please watch the video below:

Today's Lucia. In third grade I was the Lucia. That was really fun. I remember that I had to memories a poem. I think the whole third grade (all three classes) was in "Lucia tåget". It was fun. We sang in front of the whole school and their parents. Just because I was the Lucia I walked in front of everybody. That's a day I think I'll never forget.

your writer, Erika.


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