Johnny Cash

So today, tomorrow and on friday it's elevens val on my school (which is basically you getting to chose what you want to do to three day). I (and a few guys from seventh, and eight grade I think) am watching american/english movies. Today we saw Walk The Line with Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon. It's really good. I when our teacher said that we were going to watch Walk The Line I was like yeah a movie about Johnny Cash (amazing artist, Nick loves him - just had trough that in) and just saw the movie ray last night about Ray Charles Robinson (also a truly amazing artist and wow, Jamie Foxx is an amazing actor). I love both those movies. Did you know that Johnny Cash has done a cover on U2 song One. Cool, huh?! But I like the orginal version better. I love Johnnys song Hurt and plenty of other songs he's made. Linke that prison song, Folsom Prison Blues. Did you know he has preformed at a swedish prison named Österåker (I think)?!

your writer, Erika.


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