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Just a Typical Weekend

Hi guys! How are you all today? Well. Idk. I am okay now, but I am just (I was) annoyed by the trains earlier today. SL get your shit together! There was some maintenance on the rails, which I get but please to that stuff when people are sleeping. It was just annoying. I thought that I was going to miss or be late for my workshop lesson this morning but I got there just in time. Thank God! I didn't have the much luck when I was on my way home. I had to take the underground to Akalla and I have never taken the line before. Not in that direction anyway. Long story short, I ended up taking the wrong train so all in all it took me over an hour to get home. Not so happy. It might have been my own fault but I blame SL for that shit. Stuff like that, when the trains don't run like they're supposed to, gets me motherfucking pissed off. Okay, maybe not that extreme but it gets me in a bad mood. It's annoying. But they're supposedly running on schedule tomorrow. Praying for …

Fashion Friday

Hi guys! Tonight I have actually chosen a topic for you guys. I mean not a topic but I have pre fared for this post because I want it to be short (as it have been the past few days). I chose clothes. I had a few specific items that I wanted to blog about (from but I couldn't find them and I didn't have the patience to go through my browser history to find it. LOL. There is too much tumblr on there. Anyway I chose five items. Two from and three from Actually, the dress from is one of the dresses that I wanted to blog about. Unfortunately it's the only dress tonight.

While I was looking at sweaters on I saw Candice Swanepoel, Karlie Kloss and Lily Aldridge modeling some of their stuff. I didn't know that. It's really cool, though I didn't chose anything that those lovely ladies were modeling.

This what I chose. I chose one dress from because I saw it the other day and was like "DAYUM! I like that one.&q…

Robin Stjernberg - Body Language

Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj - Bang Bang

Not Much To Say

Hi guys. How are you today? I am okay I guess. I went and watch this new Swedish game show today. It was okay. I don't know when it when it will. When I know I'll tell you a little bit more about the show. When I was there I met this woman who is in the same acting workshops as I. So that was fun. We sat next to each other during the taping and discussed what we thought was he right answer. The show was interesting but I don't think that I'll watch it when it airs. I mean it's fun to go to a taping but, idk Swedish game shows, or game shows in general for that matter isn't really my thing.
On my way home, on the bus I met this woman who I always meet at TV show taping and - funny thing - she works at the school where I take the acting workshops. Funny. Small world.

OMG, I seriously don't know how to finish this post. I don't know what to talk to you guys about. There is too much on my mind to sort out what to tell you guys. Hahaha sorry. I gotta think o…

Ariana Grande - A Little Bit Of Your Heart

Just A Little Bit

Hi guys! So I just heard the song that Harry Styles wrote that's on Ariana Grande's new album. Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart. Oh my God! So good! That man got skills as a songwriter. Wow. Okay he co-wrote it with a Swedish songwriter called Johan Carlsson. But still. They make a good team. They make an awesome team!

I can't wait for this weekend. Acting workshops and RIX FM Festival. I don't know what I am more excited about actually. LOL, who are we kidding here? Of course the RIX FM Festival. I have been looking forward to this ever since that first time I met Ella (June 18th to be exact if anyone cares or want to count the time duration). While, I was waiting for her I check her fb page and saw a post about her going to perform at the festival. I am not just excited about Ella's performance 'cause there is a bunch of artist that I like that are set to perform. I hope that I don't miss anything good because of the acting workshop. As soon as the worksho…


Hi guys. Yeah, no movie night tonight but I did finish the third season of Sherlock. And, hmmm. I am like - THAT ENDING! OMG! Seriously am seriously going to have to wait until two thousand oedipus 16 for the fourth season! OMG. Abstinence! This is unreal! Seriously if you haven't watched this show you absolutely should! It's freaking amazing! The actors, story lines, just everything about this show. It amazing, I really do recommend it. It won three Emmy's last night, which made it the second biggest win of the night. So deserves it. Dayum.

Talking about freaking out, this almost gave me a heart attack. Cody Simpson's percussion guy Khari Mateen commented on one of my instagram photos. Okay it wasn't just any photo, it was a selfie that I took with Cody's guitarist Andrew when they came to Stockholm earlier this summer. That's not all Khari tagged Andrew (YEAH!) and Andrew FREAKING answered Khari's comment. THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED! IDEK! How did Khari e…

When Was The Last Time You Used a Pen?

Hi guys! how are you all tonight? I am a little bit tired at the moment but I haven't had my usual evening coffee. Yes, I drink coffee in the evening and not as a breakfast beverage. No. I do not like hot beverages in the morning. I don't really like any hot food in the morning, for the exception of toast and yeah (of course) rise pudding. Yeah.

I thought about this earlier. When was the last time you used a pen? I mean because who uses a pen (or a pencil) anymore. The only time I use a pen now a days is when I sign a birthday card. Like I mean if I want to write something down I just write it down in my phone. It's easier to find it later that way. Okay the last time I used a pen was last week when I signed this confidentiality agreement for this commercial that I was in. So the only times I actually use a pen is when I have to sign a contract or a birthday card and neither happens that often. Hahaha.

your writer, Erika

Weekend of Gratitude

Hola mi amigos! How are you? I am good. I have learned so many useful things this weekend. A really nice weekend (even though I have had to go to bed "on time" and get up a bit earlier). I am grateful and  I am taking my new learned skills into practice. LOL. Maybe too much but it's good to practice!

I have been going to these acting workshops this weekend. That's why I have been having to get up a little bit earlier than usual. But not that much. It has been really fun. Yesterday we learned about body language and today we learned about vocal and speech. We learned this really good breathing exercise today which is really helpful. The teacher said that my voice was much better today than yesterday. It was better but I still need to work on it. I am going to do that thing (which is the totally most ridiculous super silly thing ever) until I get it right. Practice makes perfect.

There are two more workshops next weekend. Before I booked these workshops I was kind of u…

Moments In Time

Hi everybody! OMG, look at the time. It's late! I have to go to bed soon so this will be a very quick post. LOL. That also means that I will tell you all about this weekends adventures tomorrow. Sorry! Today have been very fun though. I was very tired when I got home this afternoon because I had to get up a little bit earlier than usual, but it's okay.

Today, I kind of had a moment where I just like "WOW this city is really gorgeous!". This city means Stockholm of course. I was just looking at this view from this hill and was just taken by it. It was nice. I mean yes I always think that Stockholm is freaking super gorgeous. But you don't always have moments like that when you actually get to experience it. Moments like that one makes me happy about life and that I get to experience it.

your writer, Erika

Little Mix - Boy


Hi guys! Happy Friday! Have you had a good Friday so far? I have been. I have, today have been great. I have ben in a good mood today, lets just put it like that. I just finished watching Thor: The Dark World. It's a good movie. I kind of feel like I have to see Guardians Of The Galaxy since it's part of the whole Marvel movie franchise or whatever you call it. It's a part of the Marvel movie series (that's better). You don't have to see all of the movies in the series but I want to since they're all connected. I feel like I will miss part of the story if I don't see them all. Since I am not that eager to see Guardians I will wait until it comes out on blu-ray or becomes available on Netflix. Whichever comes first.

What does everyone have planned for the weekend? I have some appointments tomorrow and on Sunday but I'll tell you more about that tomorrow. Other than that I think I am going to watch some more episodes of House of Cards. That show is so goo…


Hi guys! Today has actually been a good day. I gotta say. I have had some fun. I went on a little adventure. Nah, I went and shot this little thing for a commercial. It's was a lot of fun. I love acting. The director was really nice and funny.

Before I went on my little adventure I bought T Swift's new single so I have been jamming to that all day (and will continue to do so all weekend). It's amazing! I posted the music video yesterday. In case you missed it you can check it our here. I really love that song. She looks really cool int the music video. I love the outfit when she's wearing all black. I wanted to wear that today but I don't have any black pants so I wore white pants instead. It didn't look good with leggings. Maybe it did but I didn't feel comfortable in it. T Swift has a great style. She should really get or own clothing line. I would buy that. She could get some help from her supermodel friends! That would be really cool!

Tomorrow is Friday…

Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

Wednesday Nights

Hola mi amigos! You know what (I guess that this is pretty much a general thing and I know that I am not alone in this - I assume and I hope) some days I am so sure that my dreams will come true one day and I others I am not. Sometimes I am not even sure about tomorrow. Idk, just keep focusing on what is important I guess. Which feels pretty hopeless at times but what else is there to do.
I bought this amazing nails polish remover today. It just wiped it right off. Amazing. I am so going to continue buying this nail polish remover. It's absolutely amazing. you should all buy it if they a have it where you live. I bought this one at H&M. So check you nearest H&M store for Depend nail polish remover acetone free. I am going to redo my nails later, after Idol, in a lighter color. Maybe something glittery. Idk. They need to look good. I want something bright. Tough black is be very stylish, I don't want that anymore. It can be also be very depressing and right now I am in …

A Quick Post

Hello again. Another quick post. I want to watch a movie after Hart of Dixie. I just haven't decide which one yet. I am gonna see what Netflix has to offer. Would be great if they had the third season of Sherlock but no. I would ask you for suggestions but when I have posted this I will have had decided on which film to watch.
Well well. What are you all up to when you are not reading this? LOL. You know what, I thought about this earlier. I mean that, I live, eat and breath pop culture. It's my thing but like maybe it's too much my thing. Like what I am trying to say is that maybe I love it so much that it's making me close-minded in a way. That I am like ewwww that is old don't show that thing to me. Idk. 
Tomorrow I have a few things hat needs to be done. But don't we all have those thing every day. LOL.

your writer, Erika


Oh yeah that's right! I was going to do a quick post while I am watching Idol. But, yeah (always a but) I got distracted about but tumblr. Tumblr is dangerous. Really dangerous.

Hmmm. Idk what I am going to write about. I'd like to finish this before Idol ends in 20 minutes. Idk what to say here. LOL. Maybe I can tell you about my Sherlock addiction. LOL. I just finished watching the second season. What I don't get is (okay major spoiler alert for those that haven't seen Sherlock) that Sherlock commits suicide but at the same time he doesn't because he doesn't die. I knew that before I started watching the episode since, there is a season after and there is a fourth season in the works. But, huh?! I seriously have to get my hands on the third season. John gets MARRIED! Or maybe he doesn't I haven't seen that episode. I am really on the edge right now! I need to see it asap! But neither Netflix or viaplay has the third season. Viaplay only has the first …

In Progress

Hi guys! How are you? I am good. Tomorrow I actually have things on my schedule. I mean actual things. Not something like "Oh, I should really clean my room. I'll do that tomorrow." No, an actual meeting. How about that for a change. Ha ha.

You know what. I have been thinking about my British accent thing. I mean I have found myself copying the melody in the way British people speak. I mean I am trying to. It feels easier that way. I guess it's a good start. You have to start somewhere and any in is a good way in when you're trying to learn something new. But some words, some words tough sound nothing like British english. Some phrases I feel are easier to say with a British accent. I just have to keep practicing. Everyday. Which I am. (And now Sherlock has taken over my life, but that's not what we're talking about here.) I could really use the help of a dialect coach. I could really use the help of a dialect coach with my American accent as well. Does a…


Hola mi amigos! I just finished watching two episodes of Sherlock. That's the explanation for the lat post tonight. I am just kind of really obsessed with that show right now. Okay maybe not obsessed but atm it's my favorite show. But there is one really sad thing about this, viaplay only have the first season. Hmmmm. Now I have to look for the two other seasons somewhere. Does anyone know if they're available on Swedish Netflix? Aaaa, I'll look for it tomorrow. It's too late for that stuff now. 
LOL. Since I watched two episodes I had time to do my nails which I have been meaning to do for a while now. Matte black. I really like it but painting my nails made them look shorter. They looked super long before I painted them. I like my nails long. Reasonably long, not to the point where they look gross. There is a fine line between the two. But I always cut my nails when they start to break. It's kind of natures way of telling me it time to have a nail tip funeral… - Feelin' Myself ft. Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, French Montana

I Know, If I Want To

Hi guys. How are you? I am good. I am in a good mood right now. I really am. Really. I just watched the first episode of Sherlock starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. And it was really good. Idk but I didn't expect that. So now I am just in a really content mood. My Friday night has been really good so far. Aaaaah. Tomorrow I am going to watch the next episode. Aaaah. It's gonna be sad though when I have finished all three seasons since the next season doesn't premiere until 2016. Yawn.

What else have I done today? Mostly boring household stuff that unfortunately needs to be done. More unfortunately so that I have to do them myself since I don't have a maid. Well well. It scored me some major points at being a grown up (I guess). Ugh, I did laundry this morning but I forgot to buy detergent and fabric softener yesterday. Fortunately for me it was enough for the first two loads, but I had to run to the store and get some more. Ugh, annoying. The whole laund…

Dreaming About The Future

Hola muchachos y muchachas. How are ya? I am good. I was going to make a video for you tonight but that I was like nah. Hahaha. I really want to go somewhere for New Years. I know that that is like four months away, but I really would like to go somewhere. Plus it's good to start planning, or just like look in to it. I mean just to see what it would coast. Right now I am thinking Paris or Monte Carlo. Okay, so first I was thinking Paris - Paris, France that would be, not Paris, Texas or Paris, Illinois - I mean just to see the Eiffel Tower on New Years Eve. Magical with all of those fireworks, right! But then I was thinking Monte Carlo, because I have never been there and would really like to go there someday. But then I was like, I think I rather go to Monte Carlo in the summer. My birthday is in April. Maybe. LOL. IDK, but a trip somewhere would be nice. Probably Paris. Where would like to go for New Years? Oh, I was just thinking that New York City would be pretty damn cool but…

It Doesn't Get More Exciting Than This

Hi guys. Another film night. Hmm. I have been watching a lot of films lately. I mean there is so much good on TV here in Sweden (can you hear the irony in what I did just write). No there is rarely anything good on TV in this country. That's why I have been watching a lot of films lately. I think that I am going to start watching Sherlock. I haven't seen it but there is a lot of fuss about that show. I wanna see for myself if it's as good as people say. Well, I'll do that tomorrow. Viaplay has the first season. Have you seen Sherlock? Is it anything that you would recommend? I mean it has Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman and those are not bad actors. I'll give it a chance.

I really don't know what to tell you guys. My life isn't that exciting these days. I am sorry. I have like one thing that I am looking forward to and that is in like two and a half weeks. The RIX FM Festival. Ella and Rixton. Yup. Only reason that I am going. I have been waiting fo…

Sheppard - Geronimo (International Version)

Always Learning

Hola mi amigos! That's kind of all the Spanish that I know. Hmmm, maybe I should reintroduce myself to the language. Oh, I'd also like to learn French. Aw, I should have had taken French instead of Spanish. Well, well. (Remember that time I tried to learn French? If you do then you have been here a long time.)

Talking about languages. My british accent is progressing. LOL. I mean it sucks. I mean it is that good (I really need to chose better words describing myself and stop trash talking myself, it's a bad habit). I have found little tricks that makes it easier to speak in a British accent. Plus I can now say a second sentence with a British accent. When's your due date? LOL. But I do a with the word "due". But I am only learning and to master the accent will take time. It's not something that you learn in like a week. I mean I lived in California for four months and I still really can't speak in an American accent. Well, my "regular" accen…

A Few Little Words

Hola guys. I really do not know what to say tonight. I am not int the best mood right and I don't feel like discussing it with you. I mean if I did then I would have plenty to say. Probably a whole bible. I'll just continue to write and see which words my brain will use to form sentences.

You know what. I actually wrote something the other day. A little piece of text, I don't know if you exactly can call it a poem but I wrote something the other day. And I really like reading that little piece of text, it's like a good song that makes you feel good. LOL. I don't know if this little piece of text makes me feel like but I do like reading it. I used to write poems when I was younger and the I was convinced that they had to rhyme and now I don't really think that specifies poems. If you want your poem to rhyme, then that's you. LOL, it may also be because I am really not that good at rhyming. Hahaha. But I really like writing. Especially little pieces of texts …

The Ups and Downs

Hi guys! You know what I am actually really proud of myself. I stated yesterday that I was for real going to try and learn a British accent. I also said that it was really hard. I have practiced some today because I am serious about it this time. I really want to learn a British accent, I NEED to learn it. Anyway, I can say (after one day) I have managed to master saying one sentence in a British accent. Woop woop! Who's the queen?! Yup that is me. Hahahaha. It's a three word sentence. I can't even. LOL. That's what I can say "I can't even." I mean, I am a fangirl so what do you expect. LOL. I am going to continue and practice ever day.

I wore jeans today! Holy YES! I am so happy. Might seem crazy that I am so excited about wearing jeans but, it has been so hot outside lately that (okay let's just say that it's been really hot outside lately). And like today it was cold enough so that I could wear jeans with out sweating. Okay, it was 22°C so it w…

The British

Hi guys! Waddup lads and lasses? LOL, trying out my new British accent in writing (huh?!). Hahaha. Nah, but I am FOR REAL this time going to try and learn a British accent. I tried a little bit earlier and, woah that stuff is hard. Like really hard. Like I feel like I have to change the way I am thinking when I speak english. I don't want to "exchange" the accent that I do have (which is kind of more American I guess) for a British accent. I just want to learn how to speak in a British accent. I want to do it justice too. I probably should work on my so called "American" accent as well. British, first and then the American accent. I mean that seems more logical since I master (oh yeah right) the American accent better than the British accent. If you have any tips for me, please do share! I need all of the help that I can get. (OMG! I am so going to watch the One Direction films, and just learn all my British - with a slight Irish tone to it - from the five boys…

Living That TUMBLR Life

Hola blog readers! How have your Friday night been so far? Or maybe it just started. LOL. I watched a movie, The Awkward Moment. It was actually really good. I have to get it on Blu-ray now! It was really good. I have been wanting to see that movie ever since saw the trailer last fall. Finally. LOL.

I just wrote something and then deleted it. I mean it was tumblr related. Like are you allowed to talk about what happens on tumblr? Is it like, what you see on tumblr stays on tumblr? Idk, it kind of feel like that any way. The exception though is that if you share it with a bunch of fangirls, 'cause that it's totally okay. OMG. I just saw some shit and, I can't even. Hahahaha (just sitting here trying not to laugh too hard). It is true though. Very true, or idk that's the feeling that I have got anyway. Tumblr is amazing though, it really is.

your writer, Erika

A Funny Night

What's up my homies. Mahomies (hahahaha). How are you all this fine Tuesday evening? I am good. Just watching Die Hard 2 on TV at the moment. Yeah. I am also waiting for it go to commercial so that I can watch this interview with this actor. I saw a gif set on tumblr so I kinda like have to see the interview now (btw It just went to commercial so I am going to watch the interview now - be back in a sec…. the interview is 18 min hahahahaha).

OMG! I just watched the interview! HILARIOUS!!! Best thing that I have seen all night. I mean funniest  interview that I have seen in a long time. Dayum! Really funny. I just tweeted a youtube link to the interview so just check my twitter @erikaworld.

I really want to read A Midsummer Night's Dream and A Streetcar Named Desire. Oh, wait I have read A Streetcar Namned Desire before. Just remembered that, but I want to read it again. I need to up my memory. August: Osage County as well. I need more modern stuff. August Osage County is the on…

Monte Carlo

Hola mi amigos! I am good! Today has been good! Yeah! I had lunch with my mum in he big city today. LOL. we went to medis and had lunch at Melanders. It was really nice. I don't think that I have ever been to that restaurant (I mean at that particular place, hahaha). We both had a seafood lasagne. It was really good! I was like "Can I have the recipe, please?" Hahaha. It was good. But the weather. Okay we have had really nice weather in Stockholm the past couple of weeks. Which is really nice, and so thank you very much Mother Nature. But I am also like enough is enough. I mean yes I like the nice weather but it's just so freaking humid and just so hot. OMG. I had to take a shower when I got home. Yuck. Like the humidity doesn't make you feel fresh. Mhmmm. Hahaha. I want the nice weather, but maybe take it down a notch. Idk, but whatever.

OMG! I saw Monte Carlo tonight. I just bought it tonight as well. OMG that movie is really good! Aww and like now I am in this…


Hi people who read my blog. Thank you. Hahaha. Nah, how are you all this lovely Tuesday evening? I am good. I just finished watching Thor: The Dark World. I have never seen it before. It was good. I can't wait for the next The Avengers movie. Elizabeth Olsen is going to be in it. Olsen as in younger sister to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Little Lizzie Olsen. Okay, she is not so little she is actually older than me. She's 25, but I am taller than her. By one cm but whatever. Hahaha. Cool that she is in it.

Short blog tonight. Sorry. But it's late and it's freaking hot so, I am going to bed now. I'll talk to you some more tomorrow. Okay bye. Love ya.

your writer, Erika

Austin Mahone - Shawty Shawty ft. Bei Maejor

Steal Her Style

I don't need to dedicate this post to my mcm. That is what tumblr is for. Hahaha. I don't even know what's happening to me. LOL. I have been bitten by the bug.

OMG. So I was just looking at jumpsuits on and I saw a jumpsuit that was just very Ella Henderson. So I looked at some pictures of her when she was here in Stockholm last month and it looks like it's almost the exact same one! I mean just look at it yourself. The only difference that I can see it that the one from Nelly seem to have a waist band and the one that Ella is wearing doesn't seem to have one. Idk but they are very similar though and you have to admit that.

(picture 1: source/ credit to:äder-för-kvinnor/kläder/jumpsuit/club-l-essentials-200146/mesh-insert-jumpsuit-265487-14/) (picture 2: I took it of Ella during the rehearsal's for Sommarkrysset at Gröna Lund on July 5th 2014)

your writer, Erika

Sunday Nights

Hi guys. I watch another Harry Potter movie tonight. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. It's really been a while since I watched a Harry Potter movie (I mean before last night). Which is your favorite Harry Potter movie? I know you have one or maybe you don't. I know I don't because I love them all, maybe you're like me. Bu you have to at least have seen them! I mean come on it's Harry Potter, and I am afraid that we can't be friends you haven't seen any of the Harry Potter movies. I am Sirius.

your writer, Erika

Sam Smith - Stay With Me

Distracted For a Minute

Hi babes. It's getting kind of late so I thought that I would stop by and say "hello" to you all before I get to tired or before I decide that it's too late to blog. LOL I got like distracted for a minute or two by this has tag. LOL. Check my twitter. (Also check my my tumblr. I been bitten by an other bug.)

I don't feel like  have much to give you all tonight. Like I haven't done much. I have just been at home all day. I folded the laundry (that I washed like two days ago) and put it in the closet. Plus I did some recycling. My Saturday doesn't get much more exciting than that and that goes for my life as well. Hahahaha. Tomorrow probably won't be won't be anymore exciting than today. Idk man. Hahaha. All I have on my to do list is probably some grocery shopping.

I tell you more about my exciting adventures tomorrow!

your writer, Erika

New Movies

WOW! I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who have visit this blog the past month! Thank you all! 10,114 pageviews in one month, that is truly incredible. Thank you all! In June I think I had 8,200 something page views and I was just hoping for at least 9,000 but to get 10,114 in one month - THANK YOU ALL! Do you think we can beat that this month and get 11,000 pageviews for August? You and I together. Together we unite.

In just wanted to start with that. Now on to what I want to say and show you guys. So I have the IMDb app in my phone. More just because if I see someone and I can't place them I just look them up in the IMDb app and be like "Oh, yeah that's the movie she/he is in!" Anyway, so I was looking at new trailers in the app and I saw some really interesting movies coming up that I want to share with you. I am just going to post the trailers below for you to enjoy.

Into The Woods

The Maze Runner

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

The Longest W…