When Was The Last Time You Used a Pen?

Hi guys! how are you all tonight? I am a little bit tired at the moment but I haven't had my usual evening coffee. Yes, I drink coffee in the evening and not as a breakfast beverage. No. I do not like hot beverages in the morning. I don't really like any hot food in the morning, for the exception of toast and yeah (of course) rise pudding. Yeah.

I thought about this earlier. When was the last time you used a pen? I mean because who uses a pen (or a pencil) anymore. The only time I use a pen now a days is when I sign a birthday card. Like I mean if I want to write something down I just write it down in my phone. It's easier to find it later that way. Okay the last time I used a pen was last week when I signed this confidentiality agreement for this commercial that I was in. So the only times I actually use a pen is when I have to sign a contract or a birthday card and neither happens that often. Hahaha.

your writer, Erika


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