Hi guys. Yeah, no movie night tonight but I did finish the third season of Sherlock. And, hmmm. I am like - THAT ENDING! OMG! Seriously am seriously going to have to wait until two thousand oedipus 16 for the fourth season! OMG. Abstinence! This is unreal! Seriously if you haven't watched this show you absolutely should! It's freaking amazing! The actors, story lines, just everything about this show. It amazing, I really do recommend it. It won three Emmy's last night, which made it the second biggest win of the night. So deserves it. Dayum.

Talking about freaking out, this almost gave me a heart attack. Cody Simpson's percussion guy Khari Mateen commented on one of my instagram photos. Okay it wasn't just any photo, it was a selfie that I took with Cody's guitarist Andrew when they came to Stockholm earlier this summer. That's not all Khari tagged Andrew (YEAH!) and Andrew FREAKING answered Khari's comment. THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED! IDEK! How did Khari even find my picture? I mean yes, I used hashtags but still he had have scrolled through a lot of pictures to find it. But still, I can't believe that he liked and commented on the picture and that Andrew also did it.

your writer, Erika


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