A Quick Post

Hello again. Another quick post. I want to watch a movie after Hart of Dixie. I just haven't decide which one yet. I am gonna see what Netflix has to offer. Would be great if they had the third season of Sherlock but no. I would ask you for suggestions but when I have posted this I will have had decided on which film to watch.

Well well. What are you all up to when you are not reading this? LOL. You know what, I thought about this earlier. I mean that, I live, eat and breath pop culture. It's my thing but like maybe it's too much my thing. Like what I am trying to say is that maybe I love it so much that it's making me close-minded in a way. That I am like ewwww that is old don't show that thing to me. Idk. 

Tomorrow I have a few things hat needs to be done. But don't we all have those thing every day. LOL.

your writer, Erika


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