Weekend of Gratitude

Hola mi amigos! How are you? I am good. I have learned so many useful things this weekend. A really nice weekend (even though I have had to go to bed "on time" and get up a bit earlier). I am grateful and  I am taking my new learned skills into practice. LOL. Maybe too much but it's good to practice!

I have been going to these acting workshops this weekend. That's why I have been having to get up a little bit earlier than usual. But not that much. It has been really fun. Yesterday we learned about body language and today we learned about vocal and speech. We learned this really good breathing exercise today which is really helpful. The teacher said that my voice was much better today than yesterday. It was better but I still need to work on it. I am going to do that thing (which is the totally most ridiculous super silly thing ever) until I get it right. Practice makes perfect.

There are two more workshops next weekend. Before I booked these workshops I was kind of unsure if I wanted to take the one that is next Sunday because of the RIX FM festival. Then I was like, well it ends before the concert even starts. I mean the main thing I am like worried about is that if I will miss like any signing. Hmm. I hope that I won't anything.

your writer, Erika Eklund


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