Oh yeah that's right! I was going to do a quick post while I am watching Idol. But, yeah (always a but) I got distracted about but tumblr. Tumblr is dangerous. Really dangerous.

Hmmm. Idk what I am going to write about. I'd like to finish this before Idol ends in 20 minutes. Idk what to say here. LOL. Maybe I can tell you about my Sherlock addiction. LOL. I just finished watching the second season. What I don't get is (okay major spoiler alert for those that haven't seen Sherlock) that Sherlock commits suicide but at the same time he doesn't because he doesn't die. I knew that before I started watching the episode since, there is a season after and there is a fourth season in the works. But, huh?! I seriously have to get my hands on the third season. John gets MARRIED! Or maybe he doesn't I haven't seen that episode. I am really on the edge right now! I need to see it asap! But neither Netflix or viaplay has the third season. Viaplay only has the first season and Netflix has the first two season. MFs I want the third season as well. Hmmm. Netflix and viaplay isn't really all that truth to be told. LOL. The only reason I singed up for both was so that I could watch Sherlock. Well whatever. Now that I have Netflix I think that I am going to give House of Cards ago.

your writer, Erika


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