Wednesday Nights

Hola mi amigos! You know what (I guess that this is pretty much a general thing and I know that I am not alone in this - I assume and I hope) some days I am so sure that my dreams will come true one day and I others I am not. Sometimes I am not even sure about tomorrow. Idk, just keep focusing on what is important I guess. Which feels pretty hopeless at times but what else is there to do.

I bought this amazing nails polish remover today. It just wiped it right off. Amazing. I am so going to continue buying this nail polish remover. It's absolutely amazing. you should all buy it if they a have it where you live. I bought this one at H&M. So check you nearest H&M store for Depend nail polish remover acetone free.
I am going to redo my nails later, after Idol, in a lighter color. Maybe something glittery. Idk. They need to look good. I want something bright. Tough black is be very stylish, I don't want that anymore. It can be also be very depressing and right now I am in a brighter mood than black. I feel like the color of you nails polish is decided on your mood. Idk, that's kind of how I choose which color I want. Maybe I'll show you later, I mean on twitter.

your writer, Erika


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