Hi guys! Today has actually been a good day. I gotta say. I have had some fun. I went on a little adventure. Nah, I went and shot this little thing for a commercial. It's was a lot of fun. I love acting. The director was really nice and funny.

Before I went on my little adventure I bought T Swift's new single so I have been jamming to that all day (and will continue to do so all weekend). It's amazing! I posted the music video yesterday. In case you missed it you can check it our here. I really love that song. She looks really cool int the music video. I love the outfit when she's wearing all black. I wanted to wear that today but I don't have any black pants so I wore white pants instead. It didn't look good with leggings. Maybe it did but I didn't feel comfortable in it. T Swift has a great style. She should really get or own clothing line. I would buy that. She could get some help from her supermodel friends! That would be really cool!

Tomorrow is Friday! Yeah! What are you all doing this weekend. I am a little busy, but that's cool because I am usually so bored because I have nothing to do. I am gonna see if I can find season three of Sherlock somewhere. On blu-ray. For some weird reason the blu-ray copies are all should out like every where. Okay, maybe not exactly every where but I am not going to the other side of Stockholm just to get it on blu-ray. Maybe, I will - it all depends on how desperate I'll get.

your writer, Erika


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