Dreaming About The Future

Hola muchachos y muchachas. How are ya? I am good. I was going to make a video for you tonight but that I was like nah. Hahaha. I really want to go somewhere for New Years. I know that that is like four months away, but I really would like to go somewhere. Plus it's good to start planning, or just like look in to it. I mean just to see what it would coast. Right now I am thinking Paris or Monte Carlo. Okay, so first I was thinking Paris - Paris, France that would be, not Paris, Texas or Paris, Illinois - I mean just to see the Eiffel Tower on New Years Eve. Magical with all of those fireworks, right! But then I was thinking Monte Carlo, because I have never been there and would really like to go there someday. But then I was like, I think I rather go to Monte Carlo in the summer. My birthday is in April. Maybe. LOL. IDK, but a trip somewhere would be nice. Probably Paris. Where would like to go for New Years? Oh, I was just thinking that New York City would be pretty damn cool but if I go somewhere it will probably be Paris. I want to see the fireworks from the Eiffel Tower on New Years Eve.

I mean lets all be real here. I probably won't be cast as the next Bond girl. I mean you never know. I mean 'cause the production hasn't started yet. You never know. I heard some rumors about Cara Delevingne being on the short list to be the next Bond girl. Well, fun for her I guess since she have said that she would like to get more into acting. That though she is really thankful for her modeling career, acting is what she really want to do. Anyway, except for myself and maybe Cara, I would really like to see Jennifer Lawrence as a Bond girl. She would be a really cool Bond girl. Think about it. That role would be perfect for her. But lets all face it, I would be the ultimate Bond girl.


your writer, Erika


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