The British

Hi guys! Waddup lads and lasses? LOL, trying out my new British accent in writing (huh?!). Hahaha. Nah, but I am FOR REAL this time going to try and learn a British accent. I tried a little bit earlier and, woah that stuff is hard. Like really hard. Like I feel like I have to change the way I am thinking when I speak english. I don't want to "exchange" the accent that I do have (which is kind of more American I guess) for a British accent. I just want to learn how to speak in a British accent. I want to do it justice too. I probably should work on my so called "American" accent as well. British, first and then the American accent. I mean that seems more logical since I master (oh yeah right) the American accent better than the British accent. If you have any tips for me, please do share! I need all of the help that I can get. (OMG! I am so going to watch the One Direction films, and just learn all my British - with a slight Irish tone to it - from the five boys) Mohahahaha!!!!)

Summer I almost over. It's a yay and a nay. Yay - no more fumbling (I am trying not to swear because it's not attractive, it's a bad habit of mine that I really need to quite) heath wave. Nay - simply because summer is over. But there are some good end of the summer things to look forward too, like the We Are STHLM festival and the RIX FM festival. Two of my favorite artists are coming to the RIX FM festival in Stockholm. Yeah. It's Ella Henderson and Rixton. I really hope that Ella performs Glow, which is her new single that comes out on September 14th (and her debut album comes out on September 19th in Sweden and the 22nd in UK). The music video for Glow will premiere on vevo this Tuesday. So keep your eyes open for that (I will probably post the music video here as well). I hope that I get a chance to meet Ella at the RIX FM festival, Rixton too. I really want to met Rixton since I have never met them. Oh, I wonder if Ella will remember me. I mean like because she remembered me the last time I met her. I have to ask her about the US. She seemed to have had such a lovely time over there. Ella is a good girl, she is the next big thing! I am telling you!

your writer, Erika


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