Hola mi amigos! I just finished watching two episodes of Sherlock. That's the explanation for the lat post tonight. I am just kind of really obsessed with that show right now. Okay maybe not obsessed but atm it's my favorite show. But there is one really sad thing about this, viaplay only have the first season. Hmmmm. Now I have to look for the two other seasons somewhere. Does anyone know if they're available on Swedish Netflix? Aaaa, I'll look for it tomorrow. It's too late for that stuff now. 

LOL. Since I watched two episodes I had time to do my nails which I have been meaning to do for a while now. Matte black. I really like it but painting my nails made them look shorter. They looked super long before I painted them. I like my nails long. Reasonably long, not to the point where they look gross. There is a fine line between the two. But I always cut my nails when they start to break. It's kind of natures way of telling me it time to have a nail tip funeral. It's always just one at first. Then one by one the break like domino bricks and you decide to cut them all because ridiculous with like two cut nails on hand. I took a few pictures of my nails just now but unfortunately they were no good. There is no natural light. I'll show you tomorrow.

your writer, Erika


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