Not Much To Say

Hi guys. How are you today? I am okay I guess. I went and watch this new Swedish game show today. It was okay. I don't know when it when it will. When I know I'll tell you a little bit more about the show. When I was there I met this woman who is in the same acting workshops as I. So that was fun. We sat next to each other during the taping and discussed what we thought was he right answer. The show was interesting but I don't think that I'll watch it when it airs. I mean it's fun to go to a taping but, idk Swedish game shows, or game shows in general for that matter isn't really my thing.
On my way home, on the bus I met this woman who I always meet at TV show taping and - funny thing - she works at the school where I take the acting workshops. Funny. Small world.

OMG, I seriously don't know how to finish this post. I don't know what to talk to you guys about. There is too much on my mind to sort out what to tell you guys. Hahaha sorry. I gotta think of something interesting for tomorrow though so that this doesn't happen again. Sorry. Fashion Friday? Idk.

your write, Erika


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