A Funny Night

What's up my homies. Mahomies (hahahaha). How are you all this fine Tuesday evening? I am good. Just watching Die Hard 2 on TV at the moment. Yeah. I am also waiting for it go to commercial so that I can watch this interview with this actor. I saw a gif set on tumblr so I kinda like have to see the interview now (btw It just went to commercial so I am going to watch the interview now - be back in a sec…. the interview is 18 min hahahahaha).

OMG! I just watched the interview! HILARIOUS!!! Best thing that I have seen all night. I mean funniest  interview that I have seen in a long time. Dayum! Really funny. I just tweeted a youtube link to the interview so just check my twitter @erikaworld.

I really want to read A Midsummer Night's Dream and A Streetcar Named Desire. Oh, wait I have read A Streetcar Namned Desire before. Just remembered that, but I want to read it again. I need to up my memory. August: Osage County as well. I need more modern stuff. August Osage County is the only modern thing that pops into my mind. So help please. Pretty please? I should also probably read more Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet. Idk, what else. Agh, I got so much to do. Read read read. Memorize memorize memorize. Egh, I can do it. Well, I kind of have to. Well, I should. I should more than I have to. It's like general knowledge, if you want to be a actress. I mean it's good to have a broad view on it all. Though that's really not my thing. I may just like it. I mean I haven't tried. I remember that I did like A Streetcar Named Desire. Oh, cdon.com has it on blu-ray so I may just buy it. Someone please help me on what I should add to my reading list!

your writer, Erika


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