The Ups and Downs

Hi guys! You know what I am actually really proud of myself. I stated yesterday that I was for real going to try and learn a British accent. I also said that it was really hard. I have practiced some today because I am serious about it this time. I really want to learn a British accent, I NEED to learn it. Anyway, I can say (after one day) I have managed to master saying one sentence in a British accent. Woop woop! Who's the queen?! Yup that is me. Hahahaha. It's a three word sentence. I can't even. LOL. That's what I can say "I can't even." I mean, I am a fangirl so what do you expect. LOL. I am going to continue and practice ever day.

I wore jeans today! Holy YES! I am so happy. Might seem crazy that I am so excited about wearing jeans but, it has been so hot outside lately that (okay let's just say that it's been really hot outside lately). And like today it was cold enough so that I could wear jeans with out sweating. Okay, it was 22°C so it was on the verge, but still I WORE MOTHER FUCKING JEANS! Hallelujah praise the Lord! JEANS JEANS JEANS! It's weird saying this because, I mean every single winter I complain so much about the cold and the snow (seriously the show is making me depressed) and beg for the summer to hurry the fuck up. Now when summer is here and we have this beautiful weather all I do is complaining about it. Hmmm. Well well. But it's also kind of that it has been very humid. That's one of the issues, the humidity. Nah. Well well. I live in a country that has a four season climate, so I am just going to have to deal with it. What else can I do?

your writer, Erika


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