Always Learning

Hola mi amigos! That's kind of all the Spanish that I know. Hmmm, maybe I should reintroduce myself to the language. Oh, I'd also like to learn French. Aw, I should have had taken French instead of Spanish. Well, well. (Remember that time I tried to learn French? If you do then you have been here a long time.)

Talking about languages. My british accent is progressing. LOL. I mean it sucks. I mean it is that good (I really need to chose better words describing myself and stop trash talking myself, it's a bad habit). I have found little tricks that makes it easier to speak in a British accent. Plus I can now say a second sentence with a British accent. When's your due date? LOL. But I do a with the word "due". But I am only learning and to master the accent will take time. It's not something that you learn in like a week. I mean I lived in California for four months and I still really can't speak in an American accent. Well, my "regular" accent is more American than anything, but I could better it. British first before I try and learn a new accent or even a new language. I mean I don't have fully master the accent but at least be able to say more than two sentence. You get it?

your writer, Erika


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