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Hello! I just came home from a long walk. I walked about 5k. I really don't like cardio because it's really boring. The only cardio that I can do and actually like is running on a treadmill but I don't have a gym membership because I do all of my yoga in my living room and I don't own a treadmill. So I decided that I would take a long walk after dinner. I was actually too tired to walk first but I decided to take a walk anyway. It was so nice. I will try and do it more often. I mean I only do yoga which I love but I really should involve some cardio in my routine. Not that I have bad cardio but cardio is always good for you.

your writer, Erika

Red Hot

Whaaat?! A second post today! Why do I owe you this pleasure? I don't really. I just felt like it. LOL (biggest lie ever told). I just wanted to talk to you some more. Hahaha.

I am the person who never goes to the beach or the pool or near the water btw. I am also the person who bought a new bikini the other day. Don't know when I'll use it though. But bummer though because when I got home I noticed that it was broken in the back. It wasn't anything big and I could have easily fixed it myself but I wasn't really feeling that bikini anymore. So I went back to the store and exchanged it for a totally different bikini. A red one (the first one I bought was white). I thought that it would make me pop a little bit more when I am at the beach (which I never go to). But (you know me and my decision anxiety) I also tried on a black bikini and I was probably in the store for like almost an hour trying on the bikini's a second time because I really couldn't decide wh…

What Does Erika Like To Wear?

I was thinking about last nights post. Those are some styles that I like, but not just like styles that I would actually wear. So yeah, I was thinking that maybe I should post pictures what I actually do wear on a daily basis. Just to show you a little more about who I am.

Something I would never be caught dead in leaving my house is sweat pants or sports apparel. Just basically anything too casual. Really not my thing. I am not judging people who do. Okay, yeah if you're wearing sweat pants I WILL judge you. That's just a no no for me. Just a no no rule in what not to wear. Sweat pants is like the first thing on that list. Don't get me wrong. I do love sweat pants, but inside the walls and under the roof of my home.

your writer, Erika

Cool This Summer

I know that summer is almost over but I thought that I would do a "2016 summer fashion post". Basically just some styles that I think are really cool this summer. They're all taken from instagram because it's there where I find all of my fashion inspo. Not all of it but the people I follow are very trendy so I draw some of my inspiration from them.

Giovanna Battaglia

I love this! This is so cute and trendy right now. Giovanna has great style. I really wish that I could steal this from her closet.


Victoria Justice

I mean I have always been a fan of Victoria. I mean she is super talented but I also love her clothes. She is always rocking the red carpet and really manages to look fab in her everyday outfits. I didn't notice it before but she is wearing a wide black choker which I have started wearing lately instead of just a reg…

Chickpea Pasta

Hello! As you may or may not know I love eating healthy and am very cautious about what I put into my body. I am not a picky eater I just like my food to be clean and organic. Not that all my groceries are organic because that would be hell of expensive but most of it is. I mean if the price difference is only a few kr I will always choose organic. Anyway, I have made a decision to switch from regular pasta to bean pasta. It is so much more healthier plus it is organic. I mean 100% pasta not the so-called bean pasta that Kungsören sells. No-uh, that's not bean pasta because it still contains wheat. Nope. I've tried chickpea and lentil pasta and it tastes EXACTLY like chickpeas and lentils! It is freaking delicious. I love the lentils pasta because it's red but when you boil it becomes white just like regular pasta. MAGIC!

your writer, Erika

Just Do It

Hi! Some times you need to invest in some good shoes to protect you precious feet. Sure heels make you feel like a Godess, but Nike make you feel like everything is possible. Like you can just to it!

your writer, Erika

ALENA Out In Theatres On August 19th!

You know what (because I don't think that I have told you this)! Alena is finally premiering in Swedish theatres on August 19th! How cool isn't that?! I mean yeah a shower version has already been shown on TV and it has been on film festivals around the globe. This, is big! It's going to be shown in movie theatres around Sweden! People will be watching me in theatres. Okay yeah so I have a really small part but still. It's cool! For me this is big. Hahahaha. I think that Partaj and Alena are the biggest things that I have done. I do have a few things coming out with-in the next couple of months. I'll tell you more about that when it happens.

Here is the official trailer for Alena (just in case you need to be reminded):

your writer, Erika

Soon Out On The Roads

Hi! You know what?! I have take a major step! I have finally started studying for taking a drivers license. This huge! I was planning on taking my drivers license while I was living in the United States since it's incredibly much cheaper over there. I wanted to do it during the spring semester but I didn't I obviously didn't stay that long. Well well. Here I am now studying for my drivers license. It's exciting. Hopefully I won't study for years and years for this thing. I am excited that I am finally taking this step.

your writer, Erika

Sun Kissed

Hello darlings! How are you this Sunday? I am good. I actually spent 1,5h tanning on the balcony. I really wanted to get some color on. I remember when I lived in Santa Barbara, I looked so sun kissed back then. So lovely! I also threw away the last crap from yesterday. So that is very nice.

Right now I am watching the UEFA Euro finale between Portugal and France. This has not been an exciting game. There was some drama in the beginning when Ronaldo got hurt but other than that not much. Well well. Hopefully someone scores soon. I am thinking for their own sake. It's got to have be pretty borin playing a game and no one scoring. Well well, one of these teams will end up champions.

Okay so Portugal just scored. Looks like they'll be the champions.

your writer, Erika

A Good Cleanse

OMG... so today I have really been cleaning out my apartment. I've been getting rid of crap that I don't need. There is so much shit and crap in my closets and cupboards. I have been meaning ti get rid of it for months now but I have been too busy with school and work that I really have felt like using my energy to do that. Now that I have done it it feels really good. I have thrown some of it away. I'll have to make a few rounds tomorrow and throw the rest of it away. Gosh, I also have to take a day and go through the stuff that I have in the attic. Gosh. I feel like I be ready for when I move if I start going through this shit now. Not that I am moving any time soon but when I do move I'll be ready.

Hahahah, I actually found call sheets from Alena. Why do I stil have that? That was almost two years ago. OMG. It's good too clean out your closets once in a while. Every one should do it.

your writer, Erika

A Day with Sommarkrysset

Hi every one! How was your day? I spent they day at Gröna Lund. I was with Sommarkrysset. Patricia seemed to think that it was way cooler than it actually was. Maybe that is my problem. Maybe I should change the way that I tell people about things. I mean some times I have a tendency (I think that people in general have this tendency) to tell stories about what they have done in a way that makes it seem way cooler than it actually was. Anyway. People were nice. I had fun. All in al it was a good day.

your writer, Erika

Funniest/ Weirdest/ Cutest Thing

Hi. I guess it's that time of the day when you're hear from me. I have to tell you something. I mean like the funniest/ weirdest/ cutest thing happened to me today. So I was walk in to the little mini-mart where I live. There was these boys outside. Some where around 10 years old. It was three of them. Anyway so one of the boys was trying high five and I just dodged him because I don't, who is this weird little kid? Then the other two tried to high five me and I was like whatever okay because they didn't seem to get it. Then when I walked back outside a few minutes later they were still there. They wanted to high five me again. So I high five them. Then the first little boy who I didn't high five the first time was like "Well now you gotta..". I was ready to high five him but he wanted a hug. So I gave him a hug. He was so cute because he said "God, you're so hot!". Hahahaha. I don't know how I feel about this. But yeah.

your writer, Eri…

I Want a White Bikini

Hello! I actually did get my mom something today. I got a lot of things actually. I don't now how much my mom actually pops in here so I am neither going to say what I bought or post a picture (which is pretty much the same thing).

I need to bulk up my closet with some pre-fall things. I need to bulk up with clothes in general. And get rid of a bunch of things. It's weird because I also need to expand what I have bikini wise. I have seen some really cute white bikinis at Calzedonia. Because that us what I want, a white bikini. Or two, or three. Lol.  I saw a really cute one piece at H&M today. I had to stop myself because I have enough of them. If you're want a nice bikini I do recommend you to check out Calzedonia because they have awesome styles!

your writer, Erika


Hello! I am actually feeling better today. I am so happy that I feeling better because I had to work today. I think that it was the ginger that did it. I had a lot of ginger in my water yesterday. Ginger is anti-inflammatory and that is what in the end made my sore throat go away. Ugh I hate having a sore throat! This is good though because then I know when it happens again and this will probably speed up the recovery process! Yeah!

Now I am just going to chill. I still have to fill out a few things for work but I am going to do that while watching Teen Mom 2. Tomorrow I really have to go shop for my moms birthday present. Her birthday was last week. We haven't celebrated because she's been in the UK. So we're going to celebrate when she comes back. But I really have to get it tomorrow because she come home tomorrow. Iiiip!

your writer, Erika

Day 4

I am on day 4 now of being sick. This is very hard for me. I am a person that likes to be healthy so normally I am never sick. I mean I might get a cold 3-4 times a years but I am never really sick. Not that I feel super sick right now, but this thing is still annoying. I am refraining from working out and I really like working out. I mean I like the results that it gives me. I am trying really hard right now to be a good sport and not working out so that my body can heal. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow morning so I can work out then. Hopefully. I am just sick of being sick. I am eating these disgusting throat lozenges. Like yuck but they're working so I guess I'll have to give them that. It's just annoying all together. Sorry for complaining to you about it. I don't feel like I am this person. I mean I like to go out to dinner, hang out with friends. Just being social and busy. These past few days I have just spent on the couch watching Teen Mom OG. I really need a …

Home Remedies

Hello chicas and chicos and every one else! Today has basically been the same as yesterday. Me, the couch and Teen Mom OG (which I finished watching today). Yup. I went to the grocery store though. I am starting to feel a little better though. I think it's the excessive water drinking. Gosh, I drink a lot of water other wise but now that I am sick I drink water like all of the time. It is one of the best home remedies. I promise you! Raw garlic is also a really good home remedy. You can either chew a glove of raw garlic but you do get really bad garlic breath from that. So you can do it like me instead and chop it up in to tiny pieces and just swallow those pieces with the help of a glass of water. Just like you would swallow an aspirin. Eating raw garlic while you're sick is the best home remedy and really speeds up your recovery! And water! Always water, which you should drink a lot of any way. Garlic is just one of those things that is also really easy to include in your co…

Hart Times

Yo! What's up? I am not doing anything. Since I wasn't feeling my greatest last night I have ben home all day long chilin' on the couch watching Teen Mom OG. Yup. Yeah, well I still had to do some laundry. *Ironic voice* Yeah so much *Ironic voice*. Hmmm. But it has to bee done. Really I just want to go out and have some fun. Go out to dinner or something, but I already had dinner. It was really good. I am great chef so why wouldn't it be. Hahahaha.

Urgh! You guys know that I am a big fan of Kevin Hart! YES! I have been waiting for ages for his Hustle Harts. OMG I want them so bad. Well, the black ones but (there's always a but) they're not available in Sweden. That I know of any way. I went by the Nike store the other day and she didn't really seem to have a clue but she said that they're probably just sold in the Nike ID store. That what she thought. So if I want them I have to order them online but the problem with that is that the smallest size they…

Not 100%

Hi every one! Good evening! It's Friday y'all! LOL, but I am just chillin' in my bed watching TV because I don't feel 100%. I think that I might be getting cold. But I am getting a cold I wish that I would just get my cold and be over with this in-between state I am in now. So annoying. The worst past about being an adult and being sick is that there is no person that you have on demand to take care of you. I mean unless you life with your s/o or a have roommate or if you still live at home. I am not either of those three. I am a single pringle living alone. It's nice living alone, and thank God that I don't live at home and roommates, um no. No offense to my mom (and my friends). I love my mom but nuh uh I don't not want to live at home. I am so done with that but I do wish I had some one to come and take care of my half sick ass so that I can wake up tomorrow feeling 100%. Also I just want some empathy, that's really nice when you're sick.

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