Red Hot

Whaaat?! A second post today! Why do I owe you this pleasure? I don't really. I just felt like it. LOL (biggest lie ever told). I just wanted to talk to you some more. Hahaha.

I am the person who never goes to the beach or the pool or near the water btw. I am also the person who bought a new bikini the other day. Don't know when I'll use it though. But bummer though because when I got home I noticed that it was broken in the back. It wasn't anything big and I could have easily fixed it myself but I wasn't really feeling that bikini anymore. So I went back to the store and exchanged it for a totally different bikini. A red one (the first one I bought was white). I thought that it would make me pop a little bit more when I am at the beach (which I never go to). But (you know me and my decision anxiety) I also tried on a black bikini and I was probably in the store for like almost an hour trying on the bikini's a second time because I really couldn't decide which one. And every one I asked said different than the one before, which made it even harder for me to decide. But eventually I picked the red one. My boobs looked great in both bikinis but the red one felt more stylish like it would be something I could wear for several seasons.

your writer, Erika


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