I Want a White Bikini

Hello! I actually did get my mom something today. I got a lot of things actually. I don't now how much my mom actually pops in here so I am neither going to say what I bought or post a picture (which is pretty much the same thing).

I need to bulk up my closet with some pre-fall things. I need to bulk up with clothes in general. And get rid of a bunch of things. It's weird because I also need to expand what I have bikini wise. I have seen some really cute white bikinis at Calzedonia. Because that us what I want, a white bikini. Or two, or three. Lol.  I saw a really cute one piece at H&M today. I had to stop myself because I have enough of them. If you're want a nice bikini I do recommend you to check out Calzedonia because they have awesome styles!

your writer, Erika


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