ALENA Out In Theatres On August 19th!

You know what (because I don't think that I have told you this)! Alena is finally premiering in Swedish theatres on August 19th! How cool isn't that?! I mean yeah a shower version has already been shown on TV and it has been on film festivals around the globe. This, is big! It's going to be shown in movie theatres around Sweden! People will be watching me in theatres. Okay yeah so I have a really small part but still. It's cool! For me this is big. Hahahaha. I think that Partaj and Alena are the biggest things that I have done. I do have a few things coming out with-in the next couple of months. I'll tell you more about that when it happens.

Here is the official trailer for Alena (just in case you need to be reminded):

your writer, Erika


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