Cool This Summer

I know that summer is almost over but I thought that I would do a "2016 summer fashion post". Basically just some styles that I think are really cool this summer. They're all taken from instagram because it's there where I find all of my fashion inspo. Not all of it but the people I follow are very trendy so I draw some of my inspiration from them.

Giovanna Battaglia

I love this! This is so cute and trendy right now. Giovanna has great style. I really wish that I could steal this from her closet.

Victoria Justice

I mean I have always been a fan of Victoria. I mean she is super talented but I also love her clothes. She is always rocking the red carpet and really manages to look fab in her everyday outfits. I didn't notice it before but she is wearing a wide black choker which I have started wearing lately instead of just a regular necklace. Great minds think a like! I was gonna comment if I like her skirt, top or choker better but I really do love it all. Vicky really is a fashion star!

Lucy Hale

I am really in love with the Elizabeth and James top that Lucy is wearing. It is so simple but still says a lot.

your writer, Erika


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