Day 4

I am on day 4 now of being sick. This is very hard for me. I am a person that likes to be healthy so normally I am never sick. I mean I might get a cold 3-4 times a years but I am never really sick. Not that I feel super sick right now, but this thing is still annoying. I am refraining from working out and I really like working out. I mean I like the results that it gives me. I am trying really hard right now to be a good sport and not working out so that my body can heal. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow morning so I can work out then. Hopefully. I am just sick of being sick. I am eating these disgusting throat lozenges. Like yuck but they're working so I guess I'll have to give them that. It's just annoying all together. Sorry for complaining to you about it. I don't feel like I am this person. I mean I like to go out to dinner, hang out with friends. Just being social and busy. These past few days I have just spent on the couch watching Teen Mom OG. I really need a vacation.

your writer, Erika


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