A Good Cleanse

OMG... so today I have really been cleaning out my apartment. I've been getting rid of crap that I don't need. There is so much shit and crap in my closets and cupboards. I have been meaning ti get rid of it for months now but I have been too busy with school and work that I really have felt like using my energy to do that. Now that I have done it it feels really good. I have thrown some of it away. I'll have to make a few rounds tomorrow and throw the rest of it away. Gosh, I also have to take a day and go through the stuff that I have in the attic. Gosh. I feel like I be ready for when I move if I start going through this shit now. Not that I am moving any time soon but when I do move I'll be ready.

Hahahah, I actually found call sheets from Alena. Why do I stil have that? That was almost two years ago. OMG. It's good too clean out your closets once in a while. Every one should do it.

your writer, Erika


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