Not 100%

Hi every one! Good evening! It's Friday y'all! LOL, but I am just chillin' in my bed watching TV because I don't feel 100%. I think that I might be getting cold. But I am getting a cold I wish that I would just get my cold and be over with this in-between state I am in now. So annoying. The worst past about being an adult and being sick is that there is no person that you have on demand to take care of you. I mean unless you life with your s/o or a have roommate or if you still live at home. I am not either of those three. I am a single pringle living alone. It's nice living alone, and thank God that I don't live at home and roommates, um no. No offense to my mom (and my friends). I love my mom but nuh uh I don't not want to live at home. I am so done with that but I do wish I had some one to come and take care of my half sick ass so that I can wake up tomorrow feeling 100%. Also I just want some empathy, that's really nice when you're sick.

your writer, Erika


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