Hello! I am actually feeling better today. I am so happy that I feeling better because I had to work today. I think that it was the ginger that did it. I had a lot of ginger in my water yesterday. Ginger is anti-inflammatory and that is what in the end made my sore throat go away. Ugh I hate having a sore throat! This is good though because then I know when it happens again and this will probably speed up the recovery process! Yeah!

Now I am just going to chill. I still have to fill out a few things for work but I am going to do that while watching Teen Mom 2. Tomorrow I really have to go shop for my moms birthday present. Her birthday was last week. We haven't celebrated because she's been in the UK. So we're going to celebrate when she comes back. But I really have to get it tomorrow because she come home tomorrow. Iiiip!

your writer, Erika


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