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Ella Henderson - Ghost (Official Video)

I Dreamed a Dream

Hi guys. I feel like I have done none of the things that I said that was going to do today. Hmmm. LOL.  Eh, tomorrow is another day.

LOL. I had this weird dream the other night. Tanner Zagarino was in it. It was like a super weird dream. I really don't know who to explain it. Because we were at like this restaurant. I mean not together, like he was with his family and I was with mine. Anyway (now I am not sure that I remember it correctly but I will tell this story anyway), so like we started talking some how. I was telling him that I am going to move back to California so we should hang out and that we should switch phone numbers so that we could stay in touch. Somewhere in this dream the skin on my arms started burning for some reason and so I had to go to this little cottage that was on the other side of some bridge that was just out side the restaurant. Some guy that I know in real life from when I was little started followed me there. Then while I was in the cottage I saw out…

Ariana Grande "Problem" - RDMAs 2014 Performance

Cher Lloyd - Sirens

One Less Problem Without You

Problem is out now! Buy Problem by Ariana Grande ft Iggy Azalea! Awesome song! Love it! It's totally my jam! No but seriously it's the kind of the only song that I have listened to all day. It's so freaking good! Download Problemfrom iTunes RIGHT NOW! Here is the link

So tonight was my last day at McDonalds. I am not too sad about it. It is what it is and it's not like it was my dream job and I just needed it to work there because without I wouldn't feel whole inside. No, it's not like that. I am not going to argue for my case on why I she should let me stay. Whatever. I am accepting it and moving on. What else can I really do? If she feels that I am not fit for the job, I mean, yeah she's the boss. I am just like, I got one less problem without you. Hahahaha.

Tomorrow I think that I will just work on my monologue that I was supposed to post like yesterday but obviously that didn't…

Power Through

Hi guys! How are you? I am good. Kind of sleepy. I can't do without coffee. I mean I had coffee around noon, yeah that was like 10 hours ago. I can't have coffee now. It's too late. I am not gonna yolo it, I have work tomorrow. Bläh! I don't feel like it. I say that all of the time, that "I don't feel like it" but when they ask me if I want to leave early I am always like "Nah". Hahahaha and the things is that they can't make me leave since it says on my schedule that I am supposed to be working those hours. Whatevs. I'll probably power through tomorrow because then it's just Monday, which is my last day at McDonalds. OMG! On Tuesday I am so having a mani/ pedi day. Yeah man!

Finally there are some good movies out! Plus I am really excited of the movies coming out this summer. Some of them have already premiered in the US. Yeah, idk why though some movies premiers a few months later in Sweden after they have premiered in the US. What…

Shopping Day

Hi guys! I went shopping today, but they didn't have that gray jacket that I wanted at JC. Stinsen is a small mall. It was so dead there today. Anyways, I bought a new bikini and a pair of black slippers. Remember like a week and a half ago when I did this post about bikinis? Yeah, anyway there was this bikini that I wanted to show you but they didn't have it on the website. Anyway, long story short it's the bikini that I bought today. I got a gift card from H&M for shopping there today. Okay it's only worth 50 kr and I can only use it between May 2nd and May 11th but it's still 50 kr at H&M. I won't say no to that.

your writer, Erika

.p.s. In other news the Where We Are Tour starts today!

Fashion Passion

Hi guys how are you? I am good. I took an extra shift at work today. I also think today is the only time when I have been scheduled eight hours that I have worked four hours, had an hour break and the worked four hours again. It was nice, it was okay. On my break I saw these really cute jackets at JC. I tried the grey on and it was super comfortable. OMG! I am going to Stinsen tomorrow so I going to check them out at JC there, plus I have a gift card at Stinsen.

(source/ credit to:
(source/ credit to:

your writer, Erika

What's Trending

Oh em gee I love the new ICA commercial! This weeks commercial is really funny! You have to see it. Okay maybe it's not so funny if you don't know Swedish but trust when I say it's hilarious! Hopefully I get to be in an ICA commercial again sometime.

I am not the one to site and watch youtube video for hours and hours. Okay, sometimes it may happen  but it's a rare thing. LOL. Anyways I just saw this funny video of father revealing the sex of the new baby to his three kids. It is so cute and funny and kind of heartbreaking at the same time. I mean the little boy completely breaks down in tears because it's a girl and not a boy. You just have to watch it. Do it!!!

your writer, Erika

Happy Girl

OMG! I just found the coolest job. The easiest! Plus you get paid like a ton for it as well. OMG! I so want it. It would be just perfection!!!! Gaaaah! I told my mom about it and she told me that I have to apply! OMG! I so want that job. The last day to apply for the job is May 11th. I will deffinetly do that! Oh em gee. So excited. Knowing my luck I probably won't get it but I am crossing my fingers. Never say never is what they say right? LOL.

your writer, Erika

Beautiful Day

Hi guys! Weird thing. So I did book that shift but then it was removed from my schedule? Like WTF?! Whatever, but still weird. Hmmm. Now I am back to that state where I feel like not working tomorrow. LOL. My shift starts at 9:30 AM and ends at 6 PM. That's a long time. It just sounds very long. On my schedule it says that I am supposed to have a 45 minute break. It is never when it's scheduled.

Today has been a perfectly wonderful day! The weather has been absolutely beautiful! So freaking hot.  I am not complaining! Bring it on Mother Nature! I want more. LOL. I took a picture of the beautiful cherry blossom trees outside of Hemköp (a grocery store where I live). They are so beautiful now that they are blooming.

OMG! It says on wikipedia (aka my best friend) that Sommarkrysset will be back this summer! Thank you Jesus! OMG! I had so mush going last summer. I am praying for Union J, Cody Simpson and Conor Maynard.

your writer, Erika

The Big Debate

Hmm, I am sitting here debating with myself whether I should take an extra shift or not tomorrow. There is one (in the writing moment) available tomorrow and it's only four hours. Plus since it's a red day I will get paid double. I'll get paid for eight hours when I only work four. Hmmm. Idk man, idk. I just don't know. I mean I was looking forward to having the day off. LOL. Not that I had anything planned or anything. Okay. I had plans. Lame plans. Can you even call this a plan? LOL, I was gonna go to the grocery store and get some show gel because I am almost out. (OMG that sounds super lame, I am such a looser). Hmmm, what to do what to do? Mostly I am debating this because I am kind of lazy and I am in one way whiting someone will book this shift so that I don't have to think about this anymore. Do I want more money? LOL. Of course I do! Duh! Stupid question. The question is how lazy am I. No it's not that I am lazy it's a combination of "Nah, I j…

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! How are you? How is your Easter? Mine is pretty good. I and to work a little bit today but when I came home my mom and I ate some good food and watched The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. It was good. My mom was upset by the ending and the the next movie doesn't premiere until December. I mean what happens to that town? Just have to wait and see I guess. I mean there is nothing more that we can do.
Did you know that I am going to England in June? London to be more exact! I am going to see One Direction on the Where We Are Tour. I bought the ticket last summer and then they had not yet announced all of the tour dates so I didn't know that they would come here. But whatever, it's London and I will have a great time because I will see my favorite band plus I will stay with my cousin. seriously if she hadn't said that I could stay with her I probably wouldn't have gone. I won't be in London for that many days. The concert is Saturday June 7t…

Gotta Do My Time

Oh, I was supposed to say that I will post my first monologue next week. Don't know which day tough but it will be next week. Yeah?! Excited? LOL. I don't know what to do? I mean I have know this site with great female monologues (I am gonna check it out real quick). Plus one other thing, I have diced to try to learn accent. Because if I want to be an actress I should know how to do a few accent and if I don't become an actress it's always a fun party trick. I remember in one of my acting classes I took at SBCC that we had to do a Southern accent and since I am not good at accent I just didn't do it. I don't know if the teacher noticed because the whole class did it all at once. BTW I got an A in that class. Smarty pants.

OMG, I checked my scheduled earlier and I start half an hour earlier than I thought that I did. Argh! Don't want to. That's how I feel all of the time when I think about work and then when they ask me if I want to go home earlier, I al…


Hi beautifuls! How are you all today? I am fine. Good good. I only worked four hours today. Then I came home and ate dinner. It was nothing good on TV, on the regular channels so I flipped over to the movie channels. Life of Pi was on one of the channels. I have never seen it before. It was really good. What life to life. I mean what happened to him. I mean oh my God. I just, I mean, I can't really express myself better than that. Really good movie. Amazing! Deserved every single Oscar it got.

So it's Easter now. Do you celebrate it? A girl at work told me that she goes to this youth group at the church. They meet up every Thursday and talk and do things together. She says it's really fun and the the people are really cool. Today's meeting was kind like extra special since it's Maundy Thursday. It sounded really fun when she talked about. I kind of thought to myself why don't I do stuff like that. No, I have my things. I am not a totally boring person, am I?


None of Your Beeswax

Hi guys. So I am sitting here doing my usual beeswax, looking at bikinis because summer is almost here or at least the weather the last few days has fooled me to believe so. Whatever, I am looking at bikinis. H&M, actually and not my usual Victoria's Secret. I saw some cute bikini at H&M the other day and thought that I would just look at them on the website but as usual when I see something cute in sore they never have it online. Typical H&M (still in love with them). I mean, I think (maybe it's just me or, idk tell me) that everything they have in store should be available online. Yes, it would be a lot and very cluttered but still it would make it easier. I just think that it would. I am just annoyed.

Anyways I did find one bikini on their website that I do like. But the model, doesn't she kind of look like Erin Heatherton? It's not her (?), but I know that she has modeled for H&M in the past. I really like the bikini, hopefully it looks as great irl…

Loving You Is Easy

Hola! How are you guys today!? I am good. I sat and just watched videos on youtube of Union J from the X Factor days. Plus I watched some videos of them before X Factor. Like I just clicked on one and then I saw another one that I just had to watch and then another one and so on and so on. LOL. I haven't done that in a while. I mean watch youtube videos like that. That's really not my thing. OMG, before I went to work this morning I watch a video of when they were told that were going through from the judges houses. OMG, like seriously I started crying a little bit. That was nerve wrecking even though I know that they were gonna go through, but still tough.

I NEED Jason Derulo's album Tattoos! I want the deluxe version tough. I am so confused tough because he jus released his album Talk Dirty in the United States so I tried to find it here in Sweden but like in Europe it's the deluxe version of Tattoos. It's just called Tattoos from what I can see. Plus I don't…

An Erika Kind of Night

Hi guys how are you? I am okay, just sitting here in my bed as usual and listening to Jason Derulo. Singing along as well. I am signing the "Jason Derulo" parts with a deep passion. LOL. Yeah, do everything very seriously. I am having so much fun here. I don't know how much my mom appreciates this though. LOL. She'll just have to keep up with it.

What are you doing right now? I am trying to do a header for a facebook group that I just became an admin of. Well we're four admin. It's a facebook group about Union J. LOL. That shit is hard! I mean making a header. Well, okay so my headers are never too elaborate. Just a picture of what the group is about and the groups name. The hard thing is just to find the right font. I want a good looking font that's  also easy to read but not too common. Easier said than done. Plus, it kind of has to describe the group what the group is about. FU! Right now I am just scrolling through dafont. You know, because they are a…

In With The New

Hi guys! I am here. Hmm, today I have had too many feels. I just couldn't stop thinking about it, imagining it. I was seriously breaking inside. Almost. Stuff like that is annoying. It's all you think about, all you want but you know that it will never come true. Only a true fangirl will know what I am talking about. Hmmm.

You know that I bought a new iPhone case yesterday. Yeah I just changed my lock screen, because you know. It was need plus I found the hottest picture. LOL. George Shelley. Boy, was Rhiannon wrong! I'd like to shove the picture in her face. LOL.

your writer, Erika

The Gift

Hi guys! OMG! It's late. Hihihi I feel so bad because I said that I would announce something today, but tomorrow tomorrow. I am sorry but I kind of changed my mind about the whole thing. I mean what I wanted to do. Sorry, but tomorrow tomorrow.

I had kind of a good day today. I bought a new iPhone case which I am totally in love with! Marc by Marc Jabobs. I really like the Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone and laptop cases. I have a black case for my laptop which I bought at Nordstrom's when I was living in Santa Barbara. Now, it was really time for a new iPhone case and I really wanted something Marc Jacobs. I looked at Michael Kors too, but they only two different iPhone cases. Weird. So I bought a Marc by Marc Jacobs which what I originally wanted anyway. LOL. Then I remembered the Michael Kors store at Biblioteksgatan but whatever. I am totally in love with my iPhone case anyway. It's super gorgeous.

My mom surprised me with this cute little grey sweater today. She was like &…

Fashion Friday: Victoria Justice

Wow! I think that this is the first Friday in like two weeks or so where I am not working. Correction three weeks, first Friday in three weeks that I haven't worked (check my scheduled - OMG that makes me sound like a nerd).

What do you all think about Victoria Justice? I think she is awesome! I have been a fan of hers for years! I think it's supercool that we are the same age. Okay, she is a month and a half older than me but you get what I am saying. We're born in the same year. LOL. Though I think she is an amazing singer and actress I have been a fan of her longer because I think she is cool and has a great style.

Pictures source/ credit: 1), 2), 3), 4) http://the-slap-victoria-justice.jouww…

My World

Safe to say that I Will Never Let You Down is my new drug. I bought it on iTunes this morning before I headed off to work and I have already listened to it 21 times. I think that that's a lot (keep in mind that I was at work so I couldn't listen to it while I was working because then I probably would have had more plays). LOL, I am listening to it as am writing this. Download I Will Never Let You Down on iTunes NOW!

What are you all doing tomorrow? I know what I am doing! I will plan an announcement for you all that I will tell you about on Saturday. I am not going to tell you what it is but you need to keep an eye out here on on my twitter. So make sure that you follow my on twitter @erikaworld. You don't what to miss this. I will tell this that it's a part of this new stuff that I am doing for the blog.

your writer, Erika

In Progress

Hi guys how are you? I am good. I was really tired today at work. Today before lunch. I have no idea why. I was standing but the cash register and yawning. Not really the best way to act when you are supposed to greet costumers but I couldn't help it. LOL. Then I had lunch and I don't know but I guess I got some energy from the food because I wasn't the tired anymore. I mean I wasn't yawning anymore. LOL. My boss changed changed my shift for tomorrow. Instead of working 7 PM to 11 PM I work from 10:30 AM to 7 PM. At first I hesitated because it's a much longer shift but it's just nicer to get off work earlier.

Oh so I sad (may it was last week) that I was going to try to do some new things for this blog. Tough I haven't come up with much yet, so everything is still in progress. I have decided, tough, that I will try do more things for this blog. I mean like more exciting stuff that is more fun for you guys to read about and more fun for me to blog about. Pl…

Never Let You Down

Hi guys. I feel like all I do is talk about work. I mean with you guys. All I talk about with you guys is work. Whatever. Now you're gonna get more "work talk". LOL. So today at work I got super confused. So I was supposed to take orders and someone wanted to larder a McNip. I was think to myself "Like what the fuck is that?". I was super confused. I was about to tell the guy that we don't have something called a McNip, but I with he saw the confusion written on my face because the he pointed to the display screen above me. Then I kind of got more confused in a way because we indeed had a McNip but we also had two new menus. I was like "What the fuck is this?!". Not out loud of course, but in my head. I was just confused because I hadn't heard anything about it.

Have you heard Rita Ora's new single I Will Never Let You Down? I am not the biggest Rita fan. I think she is a fabulous singer. I like How We Do (Party) and R.I.P. (basically all …


Hi guys waddup waddup waddup (that's how you spell it right, "waddup", I mean the slang version? Gosh I don't want to seem illiterate or something)! LOL. I am good, I am cool. I haven't done much today. I have just been home all day long since I don't work today. I work tomorrow tough. Like four hours, between 4 PM and 8 PM. Four hours isn't bad but it's just the time of the day that those four hours are scheduled. Like, I rather work those hours from like 10 AM to 2 PM. Sounds much better to me. I'd probably get asked if I can get in a little bit earlier. Maybe I'll take it. It spends on how much earlier. One time they asked me if I could get in like an hours earlier but I told the I could get in like 30 minutes earlier and that was okay. Hmm, maybe I'll do that.

I bought a new book the other week. The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. Everyone is reading it but that is not why it bought, because it's hot to read it. I first heard abo…

RITA ORA - I Will Never Let You Down

Happy 21

So it's my birthday! Yeah! I have had a good birthday so far (I mean the day is not over so pretty much anything can still happen). I got breakfast in bed by my mom and the dogs. During the day I didn't do much. I just returned a the movies that I rented last weekend. I do go out to dinner with my mom, Sara, Åsa and Alex. We went to Texas Burgers & Deli, because I wanted a burger. A real burger, not a McDonalds burger. Nothing bad about McDonalds but also I don't eat real beef. I just don't like the taste. The Texas Burgers that we went to was quite a cozy little place. It was not a big restaurant. I liked I might go there again some time.

My breakfast this morning (btw that is a scented candle, not that anyone cares LOL)
 The burger that I ordered at Texas Burgers & Deli
I bought an ice cream today and look what it says on the stick. LOL.

your writer, Erika


Hi guys! So my birthday is on Sunday, so what are you all getting me?! Huh?! JK. I am so glad that I managed to find someone who could take my shift that day. Just because I managed to change my shift got two days off in a row. Yeah! From the begging I was only scheduled to have Monday off, but since I managed to get Sunday off I got two days in a rows off from work. Woop woop! Just two days left of work until I get there. LOL.

 Throwback Thursday to one of the senior year celebrations (this was the one where we put on out hats) <3 p="">

your writer, Erika

Everyday I'm Tumblring

Sorry, but I really don't know what to write tonight. Instead you can check out my tumblr!

your writer, Erika

The Three Day Vacation: Day Three

Hello. Day Three. How are you guys? It's the last day of the three day vacation. LOL. But I don't start until 2:30 PM tomorrow so at least I get to sleep in and I get off at 8 PM. So, um yeah it's not that long. But lets not talk about work, 'cause hat boring.

So what have I accomplished today? Okay so I have mostly been home all day so it has not been a progressive day where I have done a bunch of things like written a novel, won an Oscar and a Nobel Peace price. Oh, don't forget about that Pulitzer. LOL. No. My day was more like I went to the grocery store. I forgot to buy something so my mom went back and bought it. the I remembered that I wanted to make walnut bread so I had to go back buy walnuts and walnut oil. I baked the bread. Oh, I cleaned the bench at the end of my bed (there was a bunch of junk on it that I have been meaning to sort out for months now). Oh yeah I watched a movie. I mean my day wasn't more exciting than that. It's not like I was …